No new WP flagship from Microsoft until September

15 December, 2014
This will make it nearly two years between flagships - the current Lumia 930 was announced in April.

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  • AnonD-298924

Hopefully they'll just release something like the MS Lumia 930 plus and 1530 plus in the meantime. The 930 amd 1530 will have to go up with S810 android devices with double the in-built ram.

Still, I think this is better than releasing a new range every 6 months like HTC and Sony do when there merely incremental upgrades.

  • AnonD-59657

I don't understand why Microsoft did not fix the gap of apps between Windows and iOS/Android!

Why there are many people wish to jump ship from iOS/Android to Windows but they just can't.

Because the major issue with Windows phone is lack of apps which is compatible with iOS/Android.

  • Gee

There are other companies building windows phone so its not the end of the world.

  • Anonymous

Microsoft is cheap ? Really !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4340, 15 Dec 2014You mean anyone would notice if Hyundai didnt release new c... moreWell I don't know about Hyundai, but you'd be right if you replace it with Microsoft, no one will really notice if they don't offer anything new

  • AnonD-82281

Grrrrr... I've been waiting for the right upgrade from my Lumia 920. I can't stand Android, so it looks like I have no choice but to switch to Apple fairly soon.

  • AnonD-4340

Lenny, 15 Dec 2014This terrible news, it would like all new cars coming for 2... moreYou mean anyone would notice if Hyundai didnt release new cars? I know i wouldnt, the only good thing about them was the Mitsubishi engines and thats ages ago now, they just used Mitsubishi to earn a reputation of quality and then changed to cheap copycat engines that isnt worth the metal theyre made of (ok theres not much metal in them anyway, right)

  • AnonD-331993

really want to buy microsoft new phone but they ve delayed until next year. im an iphone fan and using an iphone 6 and has been using iphone for nearly 4 years. to me ios has been boring and would like to make a change. yes they have a lot of powerful apps and flagship were amazing but my heart says windows phone and ive been crazy maniac searching for a perfect WP for almost 3weeks and not find any ! and this news came up. really really disappointed. 1520 perfect but too big, 830 has a really awful prosessor and PPI, 735 got plastics around which is bad and only 8gb internal. 930 dont have any external options! im going crazy right now !

  • Anonymous

It's ok for Me to wait for next year. Now i have Lumia 1520 by my side. Even it is a last year phone but it's still run perfectly than Most or i must say everyday android crap phone out there. I will definitely Buy the next year Lumia phone. Cos it will run the new window 10 64bit software and using qualcomm s810 64bit will be a beast of a phone. Let microsoft show google how a software should be done.

  • Anonymous

Oh nooo, lol! With Apple, HTC, and now MIcrosoft launching only one or two handsets per year, we'll have to suffer through a non-stop stream of Samesung releases until September. ; _ ;

  • B1lt

cmon Microsoft why to fail :((((

  • Priya

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  • Anonymous

Lenny, 15 Dec 2014This terrible news, it would like all new cars coming for 2... moreYea but with Microsoft there is nothing to drop, sales are close to non-existent anyway, lol

  • Lenny

This terrible news, it would like all new cars coming for 2015 and Hyundai says, no we'll wait until September to roll out ours. Sales would drop like a rock, the same for Microsoft. I have the 920 and it's over two years old and I won't wait until September.

Well that is bad news cause I like to see a new Lumia flagship next year. But overall, being realistic, the lower end Lumia's and the mid-end Lumia's are the phones which boost sales for WP8.

i think its just ok?? maybe to catch up with the latest specs since they are always a generation delayed? if they release something now, others will just say that it has outdated specs.. for me its better late than never. :) just my two cents

  • AnonD-70078

AnonD-226352, 15 Dec 2014If Microsoft wants to boost its sales then it should leave ... moreNah don't need other flagship at present , the 1520 is a fantastic phone

  • Eske Rahn

mixa, 15 Dec 2014They don't need new flagships so often, coz even the 2 yo h... moreOn the "They don't need new flagships so often" well you could say that they dearly needs ANYTHING new, as the old ones does not sell...

They had three things going for them
1) The Nokia brand
2) The largest camera-sensors on some models.
3) The potential of cross platform Windows-apps.

The brand is gone, they only release ordinary camera models, and third is stil a vision we need to see...

  • AnonD-226352

If Microsoft wants to boost its sales then it should leave "Lumia" of Nokia. Microsoft should launch " Microsoft phone " with official quality and color. Not yellow, pink, bright red types nonsense phone. Microsoft name is official but with "Lumia" word it become sub standard. Nobody wants to listen Lumia and Nokia.

  • Yuri Output

Why a new Lumia 6XX ? I don't think so man...

My guess: Lumia 430, Lumia 435, Lumia 832 dual sim version and Lumia 835 with 5.7 HD display