No new WP flagship from Microsoft until September

15 December, 2014
This will make it nearly two years between flagships - the current Lumia 930 was announced in April.

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  • AnonD-311225

i hope microsoft will dominate all other OS phones, i have a lumia windows phone and it runs very smoothly compare to other phones and also the battery is easy to manage....i think after september 2015 they will release a high-end smartphone that no one would expect....

  • Anonymous

Better give up completely. There already is Apple, no one needs another Apple wanna-be with even more restrictive policies than Apple's

  • Anonymous

Kris, 15 Dec 2014If you need no.1 possession in the market, you have to make... moredont hold your breath

  • Kris

If you need no.1 possession in the market, you have to make some high-end phones also some budget phones frequently.

We hope MS will be the No.1 os soon.

  • Benjamin Bradford

mixa, 15 Dec 2014They don't need new flagships so often, coz even the 2 yo h... moreExactly, no need for flagships with improved specs because ALL current Lumia's seem to handle the operating system upgrades with ease. I am on a sim only contract with my Lumia 820 with 64 gb sd card and will keep it on such cheap contracts for another two years because of its sturdy design.

  • sparrow

Actually, this makes a lot of sense. Nobody will be ready with a 64-bit ARM chip for phones, in volume, until "1H 2015", which probably means May/June, and Microsoft/Nokia always seems to take a little more time to launch new processors than some rivals.

There would be no point launching anything other than an ArmV8/64-bit flagship in the interim.

  • Kwame

Patience is virtue. Microsoft I get that, just get Windows 10 right - I can and will wait.

  • ExNoKia Fan

Is it M'soft sinking or just me..

They don't need new flagships so often, coz even the 2 yo hardware runs WP more than fine.

That also gives them time to focus on the software, which is improving vastly last few releases.

  • Raj Khan

Less Phones More Care............ More Phones More Confusion.......... Microsoft Good :)

  • Anonymous

Certain things are necessary, such as flagship phones, even if they don't sell as much, as they demonstrate the engineering prowess or 'ultimate' vision of the company. This does not bode well for Microsoft.

They should create and maintain a buzz, especially given the fact that their Lumia cameras are held in such high regard.