Samsung Galaxy S6 to use aluminum, have curved screen

18 December, 2014
A new rumor is talking about Samsung's next flagship smartphone, revealing some details about it.

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  • MithrandirX

Raj, 19 Dec 2014Ok Sammy, one more chance: 1. Aluminium or any other metal. (Yo... moreHmm, do you mean that if you don't buy the S6, Samsung is doomed?
Because what you just wrote looks to me like something called "opinion", and here's a surprise for you : not everyone has the same opinion as you.

1. I wouldn't mind aluminium or another metal, as long as it doesn't break other things (3G/4G, BT, Wifi reception quality, removable battery, microSD card slot, water resistance,...), but for me, the functionalities are more important than having metal.

2. I actually want the faster processor (with best power consumption), which currently is the latest Exynos, so I actually would hope they release the Exynos one in my country.

3. I don't agree. The new versions of Touchwiz are good enough, not laggy anymore, and quite useful.
I'm not saying I would be unhappy if they got rid of it though, as long as they add the possibility of having the same functionalities with mods/apps.

4. Again, I'd just like the best sensor at that moment, instead of a specific brand.
I'm quite happy with the quality of the S5's sensor (which is Samsung), the pictures are better than on my i9500 S4 (which has a Sony Exmor RS sensor), especially in low light.

5. This one I don't get at all.. one of the main reasons I'm buying Samsung phones is because of the picture quality. When you compared pictures taken by my old S4 (so, the Sony Exmor RS) with a Sony device using the same sensor, there was a huge difference. The S4 took way better pictures (so the post processing is much better).

Last chance? hmm.. unless you succeeded in your world domination plan and get to decide the fate of everyone, I don't see how you can make such a claim ;)

  • AnonD-89591

plz dont make small pin point holes in back and dont add heart rate sensor or other useless sensors.

  • Supremo

DudeInAPhoneShop, 20 Dec 2014and why would a non removeable battery be a drop in sales? surel... moreI don't know which country you live but in my country you get 1 year warranty on any branded phone and 6 months warranty on accessories which includes the battery. I have a Nokia N8 whose battery got swollen after a year of usage and I didn't even know that until I opened it with a screw driver, thankfully it was easier to replace the battery. Search how to replace the battery of Nokia N8 on YouTube. Most phones these days are coming with sealed battery which aren't replaceable without a technician's help, like HTC One M7 and you won't even know when the battery has swollen. It possess a dangerous threat for humanity. Every phone I had got its battery swollen in a year of usage because I'm more of a heavy user, Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC One M7, Nokia N8 and iPhone 5S.

  • AnonD-248707

And if you complete that comparison, the Samsung will have ten times the functionality of any iPhone, a removable battery and have a magnesium frame, none of which the iPhone have. I guess the iPhone does have one feature lacking in Samsung, it bends like silly putty.

  • Anonymous

mj, 20 Dec 2014Definitely samsung s6 would the great solution for the s5 sensit... moreAnd if u compare it to iphone, it will be lag. Like all this time.

  • DudeInAPhoneShop

Supremo, 20 Dec 2014Samsung, say goodbye to your sales if you pack a non removable b... moreand why would a non removeable battery be a drop in sales? surely that it would cut down on swollen batteries and other battery related issues to the device?

device with fixed battery = 2 year warranty on device and battery
device with removeable battery = 2 year warranty on device, 6 month warrany on battery.

think ahead before you post...

  • mj

Definitely samsung s6 would the great solution for the s5 sensitivity and this is the best even the iphone 6 device. Much faster and bigger screen

  • Supremo

Samsung, say goodbye to your sales if you pack a non removable battery in this phone.

  • Anonymous

I have iMac,Mac Book,used to be iPhone....they are over rated under equipped made for iSheep. Better phones out there that do way more at a cheaper price.

  • Anonymous

Stop making horrible phone - make parts for Apple and get a life !!!

  • Flagship?`

AnonD-343100, 19 Dec 20145.5' is now a standard for a flagship, hope it'll be on a S6. P... moreIs based on size? Wow. Get an iPad then.

I tried the plus and hated it. Went back to a iPhone 6. There is like $80 buck difference. Who cares. iPhone is the flagship not the size.

  • JWtexas

I really don't get the fascination with aluminum. Most people put cases on their phones. Who cares what is underneath.

  • Anonymous

It would suck if they went all metal. Maybe release an all metal version either for those who prefer it or for the majority which are the followers who think that somehow aluminum is higher quality? Lol

  • AnonD-343100

5.5' is now a standard for a flagship, hope it'll be on a S6.
P.S: Galaxy S6 Mini could feature 5' display then - haha.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-343060, 19 Dec 2014Exynos is the International Version always. Snapdragon is availa... moreYou're thinking in 2013, exynos has lte for all countries now.

The picture in this article clearly gives a winner for Samsung but the problem still is their Software updates....No one days to buy a phone with an etched software!

  • AnonD-312036

turbo, 19 Dec 2014Samsung cheats us Indians by giving us their own exynos processo... moreDude note 4 this tym in india has got snapdragon 805 ...get ur facts right first

it would be a minus if the battery is non removable from this version on.

i personally prefer plastic casing. it is lighter, non conductive to electricity, less response to temperature. lower cost less waste to environment. we change phones do frequently, why needs nice built casing. that is for 12 months, 24 months life?

s5 sells badly simply because poor spec high price. no 3g ram, 1440 screen, dual sim 32g storage. i am always waiting to buy next optimally designed samsung phone

  • raky

I dont like idea of curved screen, it could be pushed accidentaly all over again. Especially bigger phones that needs to be used with both hands.

They realy wont to follow(coppy) Apple in everything, so they want Bandgate of they own!?

  • django

AnonD-343060, 19 Dec 2014Exynos is the International Version always. Snapdragon is availa... moreits more like for all the developed markets ( except korea ) samsung uses snapdragon..

samsung can still use Exynos processor with qualcomm modem ( which has LTE support ),
but samsung continue using Snapdragon mean they cant push Exynos