The Samsung i7500 Galaxy shows up in white, looks fresh

06 August, 2009
A white-clad Samsung Galaxy has just recently leaked online. The Android running gadget looks pretty nice in its new clothes and resembles the HTC's Android line, which widely uses the white color scheme...

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  • Android

Paul, 06 Aug 2009I've had the Hero for a week and have experienced rarely an... moreBut no front cam, just like a 2g, it should be named android 2g phone series

  • chaman

The Samsung i7500 is an advanced smartphone with a full 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera, 7.2Mbps HSDPA and a WiFi connection. You van read review at:

  • Temi

well i dont think i really like this phone an a serious fan of samsung and i have never used any other phone so i can say.

  • ed

correction: if one of your buddies has a galaxy (not an htc magic)

  • ed

in reply to lucien, well im not sure if u saw some of the comparison videos of the galaxy and the magic but there is a considerable difference in color projection between the two phones. AMOLED is that much crisper and precise with the color saturation of the screen then compared to what the magic has to offer. Yeah u might not notice it with just the galaxy in your hand but if one of your buddies gotta magic i think you should do a real life comparison for yourself.

  • Anonymous

Paul, 06 Aug 2009I've had the Hero for a week and have experienced rarely an... morehello.hy.bye

  • Paul

Perkele, 06 Aug 2009Maybe its a little bit offtopic, but I just have to say it,... moreI've had the Hero for a week and have experienced rarely any lag. It really depends on how much stuff your running at once just like on a regular computer. If you're running tons of apps obviously you'll experience lag. But I love my mobile I've owned by far.

  • Perkele

Ewan!, 06 Aug 2009But how? HTC Hero is already coming out... Would yor rather... moreMaybe its a little bit offtopic, but I just have to say it, because its kind of bugging me and I'm so tired of hearing so much of the Sense UI's hype.
MY QUESTION: Isn't Sense a lot laggier/ slower than the basic Vanilla UI? Is it an upgrade or downgrade? Just look at the videos on Youtube. I admit it, its pretty but so does Vanilla. So what's so amazing about it...

I have an iPhone 3G and I'm considering moving to Android with this particular devide. You Apple fanboys don't get me wrong here, iPhone still rocks but its a little bit boring now, and Apple did a bad job with 3GS since (In my point of view) it does bring nothing else but a faster processor, video, compass and they are all nice things but to my its not worth the upgrade. Apple WTF, where's the 5mpx camera with flash and the front facing camera??
I know Galaxy doesn't have the front facing camera, but I'm getting more and more curious with Android, with its Google services integrated, multitasking etc.

Please If you're a G1/ Magic etc. (Vanilla UI devices) owner could you comment if you agree/ disagree with me on the laggy Sense UI.

Sorry about my english, I'm Finnish and I hate Nokia. lol peace out.

  • Ewan!

But how? HTC Hero is already coming out... Would yor rather buy Android with Sense UI or the traditional Android OS?

Dream and Magic users are hoping that upgrade of Sense UI will be available for this phone, so what is the point of getting i7500? This phone should have launched same time as the Magic but not with the Hero. Unless consumer go after the brand.

  • Andrew Tan

I still prefer Black. Anyway I am not going to buy it as I already have OMNIA II :D (So happy own it)

Wait Android support 800x480 resolution 1st. ;)

  • Ivan

I'm waiting for i7500, I love this white version so much!! When can be launched?

  • GG

Love the design and the color...
maybe change to android 3-4 years letter.

  • B

Wow, i like this white version better.

when i first looked at it, i thought it was the i450

I would get the samsung galaxy in white over black anyday!

  • lucien

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2009Android 1.5 is rather limited; only 480x320 resolution and ... moreHave you actually used Android? I've been using Symbian phones (e65, e51, n95, e71, 5800) for years now. I just picked up the HTC Hero Monday and it's the best device I've owned by far. The whole who has more colours is just marketing. Do you really think your eye can pick up 16 million colours lol? Android keeps getting better as does its market. Symbian seems to nearly stay the same. Maybe Symbian^2 will change that..hopefully.

  • double flash

What?,where is xenon flash??.

  • Jerry

Its great that it runs Android. WM is so boring!

  • Chad

I like it better than the black version, but where's the xenon flash???

  • xxx


  • Anonymous

Android 1.5 is rather limited; only 480x320 resolution and only 65k colors to name a few limitations. And people says that WinMo's limitations sucks...

But hey, Symbian beats them both at efficiency, hence Symbian @300MHz is roughly equal to WinMo @600MHz.

  • jay

the color is too feminine.. wrong choice i think. better have a black version of it.