Huawei Ascend GX1 gets official with 6" screen, tiny bezels

23 December, 2014
The new phablet has an impressive 80.5% screen-to-body ratio, but is a midranger otherwise.

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  • MD

Honour6 always hang dont buy

  • AnonD-344288

They better remove bezels totally. By the way, we hate all sides

  • Gibby

2 words

  • Anonymous

They made 2 different Huawei G750, same chipset but T-100 for china and some asia countries and U-10 for europe.
They are both nearly same devices, same chipset same memory but Huawei release 4.4.2 only for T-100 version, and for the rest of the world only ancient 4.2.2

You don't believe how many victims bought that piece of sh.t and can't update their phones.
Huawei doesnt want to release new software because they don't want to do that.

I hate huawei, G750 is bug-phone, some times restart phone for no reason, bullsh.t battery life, terrible 3g speed and no update.

If I'm lucky I can sell this damn phone before I destroyed it.

I tell everyone this problem, I warn everyone about huawei.
Their phones are buggy, don't buy or you'll cry.

  • green

It's a " High End" Low Range phone.

this specs as Huawei, the normal price range is USD180-USD200.

but with the tiny bezel and design. it's USD255!!!
30% extra from what Huawei price range is.!

  • Anonymous

amazing specs at astonishing price- why not in usa europe -

  • Anonymous

Go buy a smartphone from unknown chinese seller but not from huawei, make no mistake huawei have no support for their craps.
I'm one of their victims and I warn you about huawei don't buy and believe.

  • coki

AnonD-126743, 23 Dec 2014Looks very Samsungishyes

  • AnonD-299163

good mobile

  • AnonD-126743

Looks very Samsungish

  • Anonymous

Hmm, another good phone. Let me guess, won't be available in Europe just like Honor 6+ and many others (From many other companies)...

  • Eske Rahn

Well NO the bezels are NOT small, they are almost 5mm on each side...
They even got another models with much less bezels:­.php