Samsung Z1 leaks in live photos, launch date confirmed

26 December, 2014
The Samsung Z1 sports a 4" WVGA display, a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, 768MB RAM and a 3MP camera.

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  • Anonymous

Looks like the usual wave of jealous haters

  • Anonymous

AnonD-345556, 27 Dec 2014Tired of copying Apple, Samsug now copy Sony. Cute story

  • nicuxperia

Samsung want to seperate to android..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2014y dont samsuck stop copying names of other smartphones?copy?
you do know that Samsung had Z-series phone few years ago?

  • AnonD-19664

They have delayed so many launches and now this is what they have in their hands...pure shit...

  • AnonD-345556

Tired of copying Apple, Samsug now copy Sony.

  • Anonymous

Wdf samsung now u cant even comeup with ur own name also ur using sony's most amazing phone name...
Samsung z1 sham man

Jeesus, 26 Dec 2014Ha Z1 the next Samsung line will be the Samsung Lumia 9xx serieswhy!!??? why u give samsung the idea !!?? they will do it u know ~

  • AnonD-81686

Z1-flop phone 📱 of the year

Tizen-brother of flop os bada

Samsung-dead countdown starts..

  • Constantine

Go broke sammy, you're drunk!

  • AnonD-200188

I would sell my iPhone 6 to buy this latest phone from Samsung with Sony's model name, Blackberry's trackpad & 2004's specs with a new fugly OS.... Its a Jack of all traits.

  • igor

Got "burned" with samsung bada phone, wave 1, the phone itself was great, but support was lousy at best, then one day samsung just said : we are canceling bada platform, bye bye, I couldnt believe it they just dropped ot like that, and just when i got used to it. I have a feeling its gonna be the same with tizen platform. I wont get fooled again,not bying tizen phone.

  • AnonD-345175

AnonD-317352, 26 Dec 2014So now the go after Sony. they just dont know who else to immiti... morethis is how samsung recycles

  • mk

looks exactly like lenovo A536 from front...except the boring logo and old styled home button(which is now square) so much R & D on the new design.

  • Jeesus

Ha Z1 the next Samsung line will be the Samsung Lumia 9xx series

  • AnonD-317352

So now the go after Sony. they just dont know who else to immitiate now so its sony turn to be copied by samsung. hiduos phone and cheaper than ever.

  • AnonD-345175

is this a tizen based opperating system?
Becuase it doesnt look like android

  • AnonD-345175

This would be a Nexus 6/Note 4/Iphone 6 Plus of 2006

  • Android

AnonD-276088, 26 Dec 2014Samsung wont face the truth that their sales are decreasing rapi... moreThis is NOT about Samsung this is about Tizen

Samsung cannot release a high end Tizen phone as there is no secondary Apps and developers are not likely to join

Eg in 2012 I bought a Symbian Belle NEW! as qwerty 8Mp camera for half ghe price of a BB 9900 Bold this was in the dying end of Symbian with Nokia moving to WINDOWS

lt was great as a standalone Smartphone but web based apps eg The Weather Channel were not being updated and shortly after the app ceased

This was not a problem as I pin the bookmark to the home page and create app that way

Contrast that with Windows phones.
The secondary app you find in Android many don't work in Windows so developer are only writing for Android IOS and Blackberry.

There are many Windows apps are dire and I mean dire

Unlike Symbian and Android you can't pin bookmark tge home page to create an app so you have to get to it long hand opening the web then book mark to get the App.

Windows is more developed but 3 year later the App market is the most complained about feature of the platform eg only in August 2014 did a working Camera burst app arrive

Tizen can't succeed unless it has the secondary apps so a high end Tizen phone could be bought only for a per person to find that an Android app is nowhere on Tizen

There are apps on my Android phone are NOT on Windows which us extremely annoying considering I upgraded to Windows

High end phones in an zero app market will fail,

TIZEN may be an excellent OS but it needs Apps

  • AnonD-345490

I had a pad experiment with dead BADA os on samsung wave 1 samsung let down the os users no apps(no facebook .whats,viber, etc) no support lately samsung stop the os
tizen on the same road who will be next fool ?