Possible Xiaomi Mi5 black edition photo leaked

30 December, 2014
The shot surfaced on Weibo and shows what appears to be the Xiaomi Mi5.

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  • Anonymous

Looks like a fan made concept.. But might be true.. Xiaomi doesn't have anything to compete against MX4 Pro yet..

  • Anonymous

The Mi5 looks like the Chinese's take on the icr*p 6-!!!#LEL

  • AnonD-216585

still no ubuntu?

  • AnonD-37733

I'm waiting this model from XIAOMI....

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

If this is true it's basically Xiaomi admitting they royally f'ed up with the Mi4 (I won't get into details).

On another note, I'm also sure they want to launch the Mi5 so they can start selling the Mi4 in India. yuk-yuk-yuk! :-P

  • nix

snapdragon 805 is old now and xiaomi ui sucks display should be amoled 6 inch and 128 gb built in 4000mah battery will be good