Samsung to reportedly showcase Galaxy S6 at CES this week

05 January, 2015
The company will also showcase its variant, presumably the Galaxy S6 Edge but only to selected few.

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  • monkey

5,5 inch omg, another galaxy will be a big mistake for Samsung :-(

  • Anonymous

"Consumer" Electronics Show, someone care to explain that word to Samsung?

  • Dzung

Look! What the hell is SamSung doing? Their phones become bigger and bigger day after day. What for? 5" is perfect to S series, 5.7" is ideal for Note series, 5" or less is for mid and low-end. They should put their mind to the OS rather than to the sides and the resolutions.

  • Anonymous

Screen size too big

  • Anonymous

Why 5.5 ?? You allready have Note , Mega , Grand , why the s line? The only think that i do not buy Note series is the size . Is extreme huge 5.5

  • Anonymous

Sarper, 05 Jan 2015I think it is going to be 5.2" not 5.5".Agreed. 5-5.2. And it will have removable back regardless of what material.
Chances of 4GB of ram are high as well

  • idroid

AnonD-348662, 05 Jan 2015Bezel less design would be AWESOMEbezel less design will give you hard time typing and holding, because it will greatly increase the chances of accidental touch on the sides of the phones just by holding it.

  • Anonymous

Ok guys we have a new phone and its going to be so cool but but not everyone can see it. Only true Loyalist are allowed to look and report.

Another weird marketing gimmick from the gimmick KING. All hail the GimMick king.

  • Anonymous

Can i make outgoing calls from this phone? :D LOL

  • AnonD-161121

If Samsung is going to offer the S6 without removable back covers it is really going to be a let down.

The metal body will look better than the plastic but much less practical in terms of scratch resistance and non replaceable battery.

I really hope that if they introduce a full metal phone they are able to retain practicality.

  • Oats

I used to be a huge fan of samsung but when it comes to mobile phones it's gone down the drain with there cheap looks and plastic, get rid of the bloatware and make the h/set look premium and I may come back to Samsung but that isn't going to happen.

  • AnonD-348662

Bezel less design would be AWESOME

  • AnonD-237024

I hope the S6 impresses me this year. I didn't like the S5 at all.

  • AnonD-304028

I really hope that the overall size of the device it's not bigger than the S5 because I'm tired of big phones. In my opinion the size of S4 or Nexus 5 is the perfect size for a phone. Also FHD resolution on a 5.2" screen is more than enough...

  • Why

AnonD-265341, 05 Jan 2015At least a metal bodyWhy do you need a metal body in a mobile device which you put to your head?

Well, in a way, I think it would be a good idea! ? To showcase it at early stage (at CES) to begin attracting the consumers/buyers from early stages, and so then stole the limelight of all the other brands (flagships). I think it's an excellent strategical marketing! !!? But as production it self, I absolutely hope that Samsung will wait the maximum they can! !!? To give chance/time to the latest technology to evolve/settle! And because for example, it will be a must or an important point, for Samsung to incorporate the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 in the S6! Or even better, to incorporate the very new, fantastic NVIDIA Tegra X1!!! So I really hope that Samsung will wait as much they can! To incorporate all the latest and best spec's of 2014/2015 in the Galaxy S6! !!!! Or otherwise, most probably, they will do it LG!!? With the also great looking forward, LG G4! !! or others as well

  • AnonD-265341

At least a metal body

  • DXB

(expected) S6 vs the Note4
5.5 ================ 5.7
QHD ================ QHD
3GB RAM ============ 3GB RAM
Exynos 7420 ======== Snapdragon 805/Exynos 5433
20MP/5MP =========== 16MP/3.7MP

  • AnonD-249509

Yes! We will finally see it :-) I mean, if you want to keep a secret don't tell anyone. If they show it to a few partners, the photo of S6 will be online in the evening... I hope :-)

  • Sarper

I think it is going to be 5.2" not 5.5".