Nokia sells 20,000 N1 tablets in China in 4 minutes

08 January, 2015
The new tablet seems to already be quite successful in the world's biggest smartphone market.

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  • AnonD-90411

Good for Nokia.

  • AnonD-59657

Rumors suggest Nokia will release the Android smartphone by mid of this year with few innovative features.

  • Anonymous

Where and how to buy them???

  • AnonD-111717


  • Anonymous

Tissue Papers , 09 Jan 2015Now, these cheap deals are like tissue papers. Tissue Paper a... moreWow! You gift tissue paper to people? How cheap does one get??

  • AnonD-44004

please check the facts before posting, Nokia only sold the physical assets, all the IP are with Nokia only and they have licensed to MS for 10 years

  • Tissue Papers

Now, these cheap deals are like tissue papers.

Tissue Paper also sell in seconds. And its useful!

But like every tissue paper, use once, forget and throw. Cheap so that you can gift people without second thought.

And be careful how you treat them, they are made without thought, so they are weak.. tear easy,

In the end, you forget of the brand of tissue paper you buy nor the tissue you throw.

However, bad news is, tissue paper is easy to dispose of, these tablets will just pile up as junk, unusable 250$ brick in the future. No resale value. Not very worthwhile now.. isn't?

  • conzequences

Stephen elops fault.

He just didn't wanted Nokia to be called another android phone.

They had to loose everything in their phone dept before switching to android.


  • AnonD-259899

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2015Please come out with an Android smartphone with PureView tech...... moreMS owns those patents now, so no chance of that as it appears. But we don't know the full details of the Nokia mobile division sales to MS, maybe those patents are on a time base lease and not actually purchased outright. Might also explain some of the reason why MS was able to buy up that mobile division for cheap. The assets are cheap when times are bad but the Patents are always a cash cow.

  • g.m.301

Nokia send this tabtet in 2 gerat nokia fan lands india and pakistan.and made android fones also

  • AnonD-184971

Just partner with flipkart and start sales in India it would go off in 2-4 seconds.

  • AnonD-7433

This new $250 tab beats the latest Apple iPad mini thrice its price in the area the iPad used to be the king of. And it's Nokia. My guess is around 100 millions of them sold around the world this year alone, minimum. And next year we will see an even crazier N2.

  • AnonD-4340

Cant beat iPad in China, if its one thing China already have too much of it is Android tablets that noone want (20.000 is same as noone in China).

i think these Mid east and Europeans need to go to China some time, sure you can buy super cheap android tablets everywhere but the people are using ipads. Same as with India, all Indians on this site hate Apple but just take any international flight to or from India or look at Indian travellers in any international airport, they use iPads, all of them. What an inconvenient truth :)

  • Anonymous

Please come out with an Android smartphone with PureView tech...........

  • AnonD-297577

Yeah. Nokia is just entering Android platform, it's sure that some big companies will face issues with the sale tootoo. Waiting for the tablet to launch in India.

  • AnonD-78985

Android for the win!!!

  • AnonD-85108

ppl everywhere in the world love android.

  • India

come to INDIA we will break this record

  • Anonymous

JD, 08 Jan 2015You don't understand do you? Why do you need such a power if the... moreyeah... u just try copying or sharing someting to ur beloved ios device.... lol.. how simple is that task...

  • AnonD-349023

I'm waiting for this N1 in Indonesia. Please come sooner!