Samsung Galaxy A7 goes official with 6.3mm metal unibody

11 January, 2015
The sleek-looking Android 4.4 smartphone will be available at the end of Q1 this year.

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  • Raha

does ir support Q1?
I mean can be charged with wireless charger?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-344109, 18 Jan 2015Very Slim.. Note 4 clone except s-pen Actually is differet the top and botton aluminium frame is arched on the note 4, and it protrudes near the corners, the 3.5 mm jack is on the top there while on the a7 is on the bottom

  • AnonD-344109

Very Slim.. Note 4 clone except s-pen

  • AnonD-7834

I must say this phone caught my attention.

  • AnonD-351689

luxury phone in malaysia, its cost more than RM1200..only the rich will buy it..hhaa

  • romeo

sooo whatt ?????? metal means premium , amoled means laxuaryyy.... thtsss allll

  • VS

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2015What wil b its cost? Will it b within 12000/15000 ?so that... morenope all the mobile of this series (A & E) will be from 19- 25k

  • sushree

what is its price & when its availabe.
thank u

  • Anonymous

What wil b its cost? Will it b within 12000/15000 ?so that i may wait 4 it !

  • Anonymous

Shame that it's unibody. The phones without removable battery are junks.

Plastic is the best material for phones.

  • Anonymous

am looking forward to this great phone hoping that the battery will be improved so as to last longer than the note 4

achuma bonface , kenya

  • karthi


  • asdasdas

i want this!!!!!!

  • AnonD-306789

d90, 12 Jan 2015The display should've been 1080p...It is..

  • AnonD-350631

AnonD-86510, 12 Jan 2015You mean to say Xiamoi has better support than Samsung in I... moreI agree.

  • AnonD-351346

But you still can use a micro sd up to 64 Gb, other phones don´t give that option (that´s why the iphone 6 doesn´t have a 32 Gb option, you have to buy a far more expensive device if you want more internal storage)

  • Anonymous

d90, 12 Jan 2015The display should've been 1080p...It is 1080p:)

  • One hand mode

AnonD-67000, 12 Jan 2015One hand operation in Note series is far away much better t... moreI have tried both one hand mode for iphone 6 plus and note 4

I would say iphone one is superior because of the following:
1. accuracy ( iphone reachabilty is easy to trigger and dismiss) note 4 tends to misclick.
2. availablity. Sometimes the note 4 gesture get overwriten by apps, and does not trigger on demand.
3. Wording size. All words is strung in note 4.. Making it hard to read for old people, while iphone remain same.

Its the same issue with touch id and samsung fingerprint. Apple one work simply, samsung overly complicated. In the end no one tends to use the one hand mode in note 4.

  • Zck

It is a beautiful device with excellent screen. Hope the price is right..

  • Androx

omg! exynos and lte!! cool combo! actually exynos rox!! its a poeer beast straight outa hell