Samsung Galaxy A7 goes official with 6.3mm metal unibody

11 January, 2015
The sleek-looking Android 4.4 smartphone will be available at the end of Q1 this year.

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  • AnonD-58835

it is a nice device, hope sammy make it international specially to Argentina. And also offer a good price alternative. i will like to buy it

  • AnonD-67000

Say no to SJunk, 12 Jan 2015Yeah right. Care to share what is that Note 2 one hand oper... moreOne hand operation in Note series is far away much better than the crappy souktion of reachability that apple released. With one hand operation the whole system goes tiny. Doesn't matter the app or support or anything. The WHOLE UI goes tiny and of course you can change the size and move where is better or more confortable. Maybe you need to pick up a Note 4 and try it before speak wrong information. The spectacular Apple solution is just shrinks in a very unconfortable and lazy programed way.

  • Tan Maxx

Will buy this amazin phone if its priced $350 or lower! amazing phone better than desire 820(older chioce)!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-345273, 12 Jan 2015Why with snapdragon 615 or exynos 5430, more rummors and ho... moreThey make a slender all metal phone with good specs and revised touchwiz and everyone still complains.

Thus proving there is nothing wrong. Just a bunch of hurt trolls

  • thenerd

Say no to SJunk, 12 Jan 2015You are affected by junk OS overlayed by touchwiz that cann... morewell other OS can use the hardware properly because they don't do anything to begin with.....iOS is like a glorified app drawer and nothing more....

  • d90

The display should've been 1080p...

  • George

Yet another gorilla phone... no more small phones.

  • AnonD-3877

16GB ... this is so 2009 ... crap!

  • Say no to SJunk

AnonD-345273, 12 Jan 2015Why with snapdragon 615 or exynos 5430, more rummors and ho... moreYou are affected by junk OS overlayed by touchwiz that cannot use the hardware properly.

Even 5543 cannot save you.

Other brands can do better given half the specs, and over 4 times cheaper.

  • Anonymous


i only buy s or note series... :)

  • AnonD-345273

Why with snapdragon 615 or exynos 5430, more rummors and how fans waited is Exynos 5433 and 3 GB RAM or this basic specs:

1.Display.- 5.5"inches FHD - Super Amoled - CGG 4 - 401~ppi or more
2.Memory.- 3 GB RAM
3.Cipset.- Exynos 5433
4.GPU.- Mali-T760
5.Sensor.- Broadcom BCM 4773
6.Battery.- 2600mAh
7.Camera.- 12 & 5 MP - 1080p@60fps

Only with this Exynos 5433 and thiis specs fans have it interesteres to buying, or nothing with this model

  • blackberry guy

stameta, 12 Jan 2015this phone is the best that a samsung has done in terms of ... moremy blackberry q5 has 2gB Ram which means is far better than this

  • AnonD-86510

django, 12 Jan 2015those 50+ features are called as bloatware in non-samsung t... moreYou mean to say Xiamoi has better support than Samsung in India? ROFL...

I'm from India. I'm using Galaxy S from last 3 years with no problems, I remember when my phone hanging problem in 2011, I got rectified in local service center. Samsung support is excellent in India. I agree it lags a bit. But I can bear with it.

  • ratGT

BTW, since Samsung fans/cheerleaders are ALWAYS bragging about the company building chips and components for other companies (it's their favorite subject when they cannot defend anymore their obsessively beloved company) how come they can't produce their own low-priced smartphones with greater specs and hardware than it is usually being offered in the mid/lower range category and compete price-wise with other makers, such Xiami, Meizu, etc.?!?!?

  • ratGT

Wow... Samsung's 'pricing strategy' for these kind of specs are REALLY offending!

Let's be honest guys, Samsung has NEVER EVER been good at producing proper mid-range or lower-range SMART phones... They are always made out of crappy hardware that can't cope with every-day usage or TOOOO expensive!

  • Anonymous

Make it metal unibody doesn't change the fact that it looks cheap. Look at the design, alpha is better. Comparing A7 with m8 for example, it is still way behind. I don't get it Samsung.
Why don't you just focused on S series and Note series only, like Apple did. That's why they are earning profits because people don't get confused..

  • Say no to SJunk

AnonD-77464, 12 Jan 2015You're just a troll, but I'll leave this reply just for the... moreYeah right. Care to share what is that Note 2 one hand operation?

Can it work with all UIs? Or just the keyboard / keypad? Worse comes to worse, your app does not support it.

Let alone.. if you watch demo on Note's one hand operation mode.. ironically the person use 2 hands to achieve the task LOL..

Face it. Apple just did it better with reachability.

  • Anonymous

screen mus have been at least FHD.POOR CPU SPEED.WEAK to be compared with iphone 6 plus.

  • AnonD-231422

htc desire 826 is to better in every thing

  • AnonD-60911

Doesn't look like a unibody to me. Unibody designs are inherently difficult to achieve with metal due to the stiffness of the material...