Xiaomi Mi 4 to launch in India on January 28

16 January, 2015
Although the company didn't announce the pricing, the phone is expected to launch on the 28th.

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  • royce khan

were is phone frnds

  • AnonD-354581

what about battery

  • AnonD-354527

mi4 should be around 15-16K for india

  • Makster

Tushar, 18 Jan 2015Both phone price confirmed now mi 4 is launching at 14899 rs and... moreHow sure are you ?

  • bablo

price should be under 12000 to 14000 if u servivel in india xioami

  • AnonD-352790

No one should buy this product if the price is too high ......lets show them India is not a garbage , where company will come n dump anything..... if u want to launch thn launch mi note in India soon

  • Tushar

Both phone price confirmed now mi 4 is launching at 14899 rs and redmi 2 is launching at 5899 price tag in india..just waiting for 28 January..

  • Aksh

nik, 18 Jan 2015No dual sim..... Or definitely I would HaVe purchasedGo for Mi note....which is Dual sim...bt prblm is dat xiaomi will launch dat phone in INDIA only till nxt year :-/ They always launch products in INDIA which become outdated in china.

  • sag

they think india is dustbin for their stupid outdated dustbin piece mi4 5 6

  • theritz49

i dunno y people keep on saying mi4's design is copied from the iphones or especially the 5s.looking from the front the iphone 5s has the front cam on the top of the speaker grill but the mi4 has on the side like any other device.also mi4 has a brand logo on the side whereas the 5s dont.Now below the screen,5s has a round button and the mi4 has 3 softtouch capacitive buttons.the mi4 has power and volume rockers to the right and sim slot to the left butt the 5s has sim slot to the right volume rockers to the left and the power key to the top.also,to the back they r completely different.and the mi4 has 3.5mm jack on top but the 5s has it in the bottom.in 5s there are two speakers at bottom and in mi4 there is a single speaker with even minute holes than the 5s.the steel frame in mi4 has very nice chamfered mirror finish unlike the 5s.And also 5s looks like a baby infront of the mi4.Just using the metal frame wont make it a copy of iphone its just a design and any body can use it.Like every phone has screen on front,Camera at the back..so can we say that each and every phone is copying every other phone??Xperia P was a full metal body and today htc m8 is,but no one is telling htc copied sony,cause saying it will be funny and so is the case here.

  • nik

No dual sim..... Or definitely I would HaVe purchased

  • nostrik

thank you xiaomi, but please do refrain from the flash sale strategy. it doesn't matter xiaomi or micromax as long as its a qualitative product, both are chinese products, only thing about micromax being desi might be the production of screens and an assembly unit for rebranding.
Yu Yureka is nowhere near to Adreno 330 with 3 gb ram of xiaomi

  • AnonD-353414

From the looks of it seems like they will be only launching the 16 GB model like they did with the mi3.

  • suresh

This product is around 14000-16000 Rs bchonour 6 is below 18000

  • may be

Rocky , 17 Jan 2015Xiaomi is just clearing their stocks in India. India has become ... moreMay be... But its a value for money

  • Rm

if the xiaomi mi 4 is 4g

  • kamal

AnonD-353231, 17 Jan 2015It should be around14000- 15000 bc it is outdated and honour6 i... moreBt honour 6 is not 4g compatiable in india.4g bands are diffrnt.

  • dili

If this product comes under 15k . This will be the gud decision to bye.

  • AnonD-353231

It should be around14000- 15000 bc it is outdated and honour6 is available less than 18000 with same spec.

  • swan

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2015India is not dump ground for chinese products... It wont be suc... moreIt is around 14000-15000 bec honour6 is available less than 18000 with same spec.