Xiaomi Mi 4 to launch in India on January 28

16 January, 2015
Although the company didn't announce the pricing, the phone is expected to launch on the 28th.

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  • Max

WTF... They launch their flagship devices in China and dispose their outdated stock in India. Why aren't they able to release products at the same time in Indian Market. This better be below 15K if wanna sell

  • Dev

Yes. I also agree with you all. Xiaomi India/Global Heads keep on saying that India is second largest market after China & it can become no one too but why they are launching outdated product in India??? It is clear that they have found a dustbin to clear their old & outdated stock so that they can make space to sold their new phone in China...

  • cherry

Outdated mobile ,planning to launch mi5 and when sales of mi3 down in other country launching in India,comeon people plz don't entertain just think about their services

  • AnonD-352790

Mi 4 is outdated now.....pls release mi note...mi 4 has single sim plus 5inch which is small now(redmi note is better)...
Y it takes so much time for xiaomi to release a product in India when India is 2nd most important country for them

  • Rocky22

AnonD-350822, 16 Jan 2015Too late. I'll rather wait till March(or even a bit after that)... moreI completely agree with u zenfone2 comes with 64 bit chip clocked at 2.3 GHz best part 4 GB ram

  • AnonD-104517

if price is above 15k then no one is goin to buy this outdated phone in india... xiaomi may be doin well in india but still if they follow the same scheme in future then people will dont even look at their devices further... they should launch their flagships in china as well as in india at the same time as these two are biggest market for xiaomi... thz z surely a bad forum for xiaomi... bad luck xiamoi u still need to focus more to survive in a competitive market like india...

  • AnonD-352776

AnonD-267565, 16 Jan 2015Dispite all the hype-For Indian market Xiaomi Mi4 will frankly n... moreMI 4 India will be 64 GB variant, will be available in single color, price will be below 20 thousand

  • Anonymous

AnonD-267565, 16 Jan 2015Dispite all the hype-For Indian market Xiaomi Mi4 will frankly n... moreStock the bull, Mi4 have 12GB of user available memory.

  • Alex123

There's one retailer selling this phone in my country, Cambodia but it's not that cheap as many sites claimed. It costs higher than Z1 and S4 for 16GB while this company is not considered as the reliable OEM here.

  • AnonD-228892

How much does it cost in India?

  • AnonD-350822

AnonD-343007, 16 Jan 2015Going by this.. We can expect Mi Note and Note Pro India launch ... moreThats very optimistic...you will be lucky to see it this year!

  • Mayya

Much awaited phone.....

  • Vicky

In India, I think friends we have to wait for Mi Note and its Pro... version.... It sounds like they are clearing their stock of Mi4... so approached to India....

  • Mi4

Finally xiaomi found dustbin to clear his outdated phone stock.

  • Vicky

will wait for Mi Note Pro....

  • Anonymous


xiaomi makes faulty phones and when their customers complain, they just ignore them and if they publicly make a complaint on sites like their facebook page, they just delete them. you get what you pay for

  • MiMiNoMi

india is not a dumping ground and it wont sale like any of previous flash sell

  • AnonD-169727

At this rate, one can only guess when are the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro going to hit the Indian market.

  • AnonD-267565

Dispite all the hype-For Indian market Xiaomi Mi4 will frankly not hold much attraction because of three basic design short comings for Indian consumer. (a) No memory expansion slot- in 16GB phone one is stuck with just about 8 GB useable space,(b) No user replaceable battery, (c) and of course worst- no dual SIM- an attribute so useable in India and Asia. So good luck Xiaomi, perhaps only limited number of Indian will opt for this. Unless they price it similar of Mi3 at about INR 15-16k

  • Gouslal

Yeah...lets dump old so Note can be sold in china