Official Android 5.0.1 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked

19 January, 2015
A new Lollipop ROM has leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this time it appears legitimate.

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  • Kd

vilas (Rahul), 12 Feb 2015is their any news about samsung galaxy grand 2 G7102 official lo... moreForget about it

  • vilas (Rahul)

is their any news about samsung galaxy grand 2 G7102 official lollipop 5.0.1 update ??????

  • popboy

what about S4 LTE version i9505 .. we are still running on android 4.4.2 here in Egypt and the phone tells me it's running on the latest android version WTF ?!!!

  • vish

someone tell that how i downgrade s4 from this leaked to kitkat

  • thenerd

The room looks cool, except for the Chinese region thing, other than that it looks legit

  • AnonD-351339

i think it beta build because first of all note 4 and s5 officail get lolipop then other handset,like lg did with g3 now after it g2 getting lolipop so wait for proper official lolipop from samusung

  • dave dangerous

Only on Android do you hear of leaks of an OS several months after its official release!

  • dez playamade

You guys have to install gapps separately kk rom is great but there was an american version of the gpe 5.0.1 rom just search "GS4 cm12 gpe ROM" on google

  • Rick

WHere the heck did they put the gmail and the youtube on this update? i should not have updated my rom. *sigh*

  • AnonD-354009

when they release 5.0 for sm-g900h -_-

  • Hamid Ali

No Google play store, No Youtube,No Gmail
Total waste of time

  • Hamid Ali

Ear sensor not working on my phone i9500 lollipop

AnonD-275729, 19 Jan 2015so what? Why are you so eager to get lolipop? It's a disaster... moreDude, how much time do yo spend in settings and other black optimised apps. I bet it's negligible. Most of the time you stream videos or browse in which it doesn't matter. Also third party apps have no affect on it.

S4 has a pathetic laggy interface on kitkat. S5 and note 4 have good smooth one but s4 is still on ugly looking gingerbread touchwiz. I need a refresh for my almost 2 year old phone and want all the lag to go away.

You may have used a note 4 and s5. They run awesome on kitkat. But s4 runs horribly.

Anyway, I'll update to s6 in a few months but upto then, I'll definitely try new touchwiz.

  • AnonD-280768

im doubt about this. i think this is a try. if this would produced excellent, wow!! all S users could grab it.

  • AnonD-275729

thenerd, 19 Jan 2015I am downloading this tonight. tsssk tsssk tsssk.

  • AnonD-275729

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2015and still no lollipop for S5 G900H :(so what? Why are you so eager to get lolipop?

It's a disaster for battery life on amoled equipped devices. It looks Fugly and is a literally a pain at night (or in dark places). And all the supposedly improved features are already implemented on kitKat through Touchwiz.

So why the hell would we even WANT Lolipop? Unless Google comes to their senses and created a black infused amoled friendly Lolipop (or successor) I'm NOT interested at all!

  • AnonD-52529

lol already running 5.0.2 CM on sony xperia T

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2015these versions have exynos chipset not sdragon. Otherside, Sams... moreYou're kidding right?

Samsung absolutely suck at updating the custom models for China, many midrange phones costing thousands of yuan released in 2014 are still on 4.3 and will probably stay that way.

And if you think i9505 is the worst version of S4 then you need to check out some actual facts...

  • AnonD-280498

First update my note 4

  • Anonymous

and still no lollipop for S5 G900H :(