Samsung dominated smartphone shipments in 2014

20 January, 2015
Samsung remained the leader in smartphone shipments, but saw its lead reduced.

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  • Eric

hemedans, 20 Jan 2015who is coolpad?Yeah me too was wondering. is coolpad a brand of phone?

  • Anonymous

LG Life's Good!@ no.4 Bravo! great job LG!
LENOVO just got the no.3 spot because of Motorola.

  • AnonD-226352

In the first quarter of 2015 Samsung Mobile market share would be 14% or 16%. Presently, the mobile shops owners loosing their profits and cash because in Indian market mobile phones of the Samsung are laying on selves without customers asking. Thank to Xiaomi and their smart phones.

  • AnonD-126743

Samsung haterz en 4...3...2....1

  • AnonD-265153

Well, that's about to change. I see Lenovo users in ever corner of Malaysia, and tons of Oppo ads on south east Malaysia. Yes, Samsung will still dominate every other phone makers, but it's slowly reducing.

  • Anonymous

hemedans, 20 Jan 2015who is coolpad?Pretty big in china..
And Indian companies rebrand quite a few of their phones.. Wonder if they get counted as. Coolpad shipments..

  • g.m.301

What is the number of microsoft?and microsoft poor slow window softwear?any compeny come back symbian or not?

  • AnonD-354047

well they see Samsung domination i see Samsungs decline

  • hemedans

who is coolpad?

  • LamiaLove

Trully shocking title!!!

  • Eric

That explains why here in philippines you cant find a corner without someone with a samsung.