Heart 401AB is an oddly-shaped, Japan-only feature phone

20 January, 2015
The heart-shaped handset can only handle voice calls - there’s no SMS functionality on board.

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  • AdamBoy64

fdgerdgrd, 21 Jan 2015ever heard of a pager?...welcome to 1950sNever heard of a pager that does SMS.
That's a neat idea though.

  • epic commenter

MdN8, 21 Jan 2015Yes! My favorite movie btw. :-)sorry for late replying but if you remmeber the illustionist it has the same desing

  • Changiz

no sms & no internet
uniq nice design
but with out internet , i say , it will lose 30% of its customers
and with no sms , it definetly will lose 40% of its customers
here we go , a mobile with a very very uniq & nice design ,but it wont sell that much ( less than 70% of if it had sms and internet)
why ? i dont know & i cant undrestand
if any one could undrestand this , plz explaine it for me too

  • Gogi

Unique design.
Very recommended for collectors.
At least it can attract attention to your friends.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-155263, 21 Jan 2015what year is it? 10,000 BC?Its 2015 kid. Get out of ur cave.

  • AnonD-155263

what year is it? 10,000 BC?

  • fdgerdgrd

AdamBoy64, 21 Jan 2015I'd go for something that only did SMS over only did calls. B... moreever heard of a pager?...welcome to 1950s

  • AnonD-216585

lets hope its durable at least

  • epic commenter

sounds like the nicklace of the illusionist http://brassgoggles.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=­26654.0 check it out

AnonD-312360, 21 Jan 2015Similar to the locket contraption of the movie Illusionist!Yes! My favorite movie btw. :-)

  • AnonD-311225

great gift for valentines day !!!

  • AnonD-164032

now this is the phone for those who complain about designs of sony samsung htc etc. Here is something new for you guys

  • nik


  • Torero

AnonD-265153, 21 Jan 2015Well, Japan is showing the world what a real "Phone" i... moreSpecially if god forbid you have a heart attack and your samsung S5 restarts on you as soon as you dial 911. ;)

  • PeacefulOne

But hey look on the bright side - no one can say "copycat" :D I don't think its a waste of resources, some people prefer feature phones.

  • AnonD-29026

A useless thing

  • AnonD-3678

Wasting natural resources and causes pollution during production but gives no purpose.

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2015No sms...think of it as a cordless landline :D

  • Anonymous

No sms...

  • SaIm

Wow that's amazing, Great job Japan