Oppo U3 officially debuts, no 4x zoom unfortunatelly

21 January, 2015
The 5.9-inch phablet packs a 13MP main camera and a 5MP wide-angle selfie shooter.

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  • dev

please describe your views

  • AnonD-354622

Unified storage ???

  • AnonD-339495

I follow smartphone gadgets news from last 4 Years and in this 4 year i found oppo is the only Chinese brand who sell their gadgets in a higher range. The configuration is just like another budgets phones. But in the last 4 years i also seen the various other Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi, ZTE & Huawei sold their gadgets in India in a very nominal price with a high end configuration. The only Chinese brand Oppo sell their product in higher range.

Like other phones of Oppo the newest Oppo phone Oppo U3 comes in approx Rs. 25000/-. I have the entire blog and i found nothing is much more in the configuration to pay 25K for this phone.

  • Sandeep gupta

Nice phone

Akinaro, 21 Jan 2015so now we live in world where company know that phone is too big... moreLots of Asian girls have 6" phones, it's no problem.

  • Ci


so now we live in world where company know that phone is too big but still they made it, and instead of making it smaller they add... fur ball to hold it...

  • Beyond

Great, no 4x optical zoom. ASUS Zenfone Zoom still dominates the thinnest 3x optical zoom lens smartphone.

  • AnonD-354622

Color OS, Unified storage ??