LG denies any Snapdragon 810 heating issue on the G Flex 2

22 January, 2015
LG claims that the performance of the Snapdragon 810 on the G Flex 2 has been quite satisfactory.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-57516, 23 Jan 2015Why not just heat sink at the back panel? utilize heat dis... moreHeat sink is made of aluminum or copper pipe. It wont be flex and there is no room to install it. Just trash and get a new phone without headache.

i lost my trust in Snapdragon after these rumors were actually true. if it was not true then why they are making a new version of the same chip, admit it and get back to work.
Snapdragon is very overpriced, i think the flagship phone makers will now look towards Intel, mediatek for better processors

  • Rahul

Its way cooler than other processors.


  • Smile

FreezeGame, 22 Jan 2015With a steady decline over several years, this may be Sony'... moreThis Samesung Fanboy has to post crap about other manufacturers in all the posts...right??

Time will tell what happens to Samesung...just wait n watch

  • Smile

AnonD-5666, 22 Jan 2015Do you think LG will ever concede that there were issues? A... moreG4 is delayed becuase LG wants it to be delayed, they have released a formal statement which says they released G3 around May last year, so this year again the same time around would be good to release the next Flagship..hope you understand

  • lg

We all are aware every high end phones heat .

But here samsung is propagating that they are switching to exynos bcoz SD is overheating . Because of this statement , it gave an impression SD810 is heating more than all previous Note/Galaxy series

Now HTC also releasing with SD810 . So only samsung have problem ? . I am sure samsung cant ignore SD as 70% of their high end phones are powered by SD.
In coming days they will tell " Problem with overheating of SD is now solved and we are using it for S6"

And people telling exynos is outperforming . Why most high end devices of HTC/SONY/LG/O+O,NEXUS/MOTO/ many more including 70% of samsung devices powered by SD ?

So other OEM are fools to ignore such a super high performing EXYNOZ CRAP with ZERO HEATING ???

  • AnonD-57516

sHAdStoNEd, 22 Jan 2015I believe you - this is clearly Samsung making an excuse as... moreTheir Exynos 5430 and 7433 chips are very good.
The 5430 is manufactured on the 20nm process. The chip is not power hungry and does not overheat.

  • AnonD-57516

AnonD-8044, 22 Jan 2015Agree ,,its time to start putting mini fans in these smartp... moreWhy not just heat sink at the back panel?
utilize heat dissipating copper tubes with ferro fluid in them and mount them on heat sink at the rear. That will take away heat effectively.

  • AnonD-57516

Appleman, 22 Jan 2015having owned a Galaxy S4 and S5. both running snapdragon cp... moreWho says iphones dun overheat??
My iphone 4 and 5S overheated to almost 68deg C.
That's just multitasking. Not even gaming with high graphics.

  • AnonD-57516

The S4 Snapdragon 600 chip did overheat alot. The Note 3 Snapdragon 800 chip did overheat to a point where an egg could become sunnyside-up.
I am not surprised the Snapdragon 810 has heating issues.
My Galaxy Alpha using Exynos 5430 octa core not only did not overheat but was very power efficient.
My Note 4 uses the Snapdragon 805 and it is warm quite frequently. I wonder if it is because of over-clocking that resulted in overheating.

  • AdamBoy64

Okay, seems like it's worth avoiding the 810 for now.
Well, perhaps not - as long as you know what the risks are.

  • Appleman

having owned a Galaxy S4 and S5. both running snapdragon cpu's they overheat. Fact granted 20 mins on Real Racing 3 is quite stressfull on a CPU. But still the yover heat. Common fault on Galaxy phones. You never see a Iphone over heat. reason why the software is optimized to run on a lower core speed. So if Samsung/LG can get there UI on top of Android, to run on say 2.0 ghz with no lag. Then the chipset wont over heat.

  • AnonD-196068

The words "quite satisfactory" hardly inspire great confidence. It almost suggests he knows the chip has been throttled and is using clever words to avoid actually saying it. As to whether it has actually been throttled I cannot say.

  • Jedi

Dirty tactics from Samsung.
Again, again, and again,
Snapdragon is the King of Chipset in Mobile Devices !!!

  • AnonD-8044

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2015Put a tiny chipset fan in :DAgree ,,its time to start putting mini fans in these smartphones..

  • Anonymous

Graz, 22 Jan 2015Oh come on LG, your G3 overheated too much and you can't de... moreg3 is not over heating and its by far better than g2 i had those phones.

not only the flex2 are going to use the snapdragon 810 to there is no reason to hide if its really does over heating .

  • sHAdStoNEd

LG, 22 Jan 2015Samsung just wanted to sell their cheap chipset . which is... moreI believe you - this is clearly Samsung making an excuse as to why they are going to use their own cheaper chips in their phones. North American / European customers expect QC chips but Samsung has empty factories and needs to keep them churning out Exynos chips.

Having said all that - I have no problem with their Exynos chips now that they have proper LTE support - the only concern I have is will the dev community get on board with Exynos for the S6 or will it be ignored and stuck on the factory ROM for much of its life??

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm should sue Samsung for making bad publicity.

  • Anonymous

Could it be the rumor made by certain malicious people/OEM ? We will find the answer after the review...

  • MesoSowwy

I feel like just once you put the phone face down hit it and it just snaps.