LG denies any Snapdragon 810 heating issue on the G Flex 2

22 January, 2015
LG claims that the performance of the Snapdragon 810 on the G Flex 2 has been quite satisfactory.

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  • AnonD-23465

AnonD-5666, 22 Jan 2015Do you think LG will ever concede that there were issues? A... morePlease dont go by that article.Its old news and all of us know about it.Many sd810 are already down the road so better wait and watch rather than speculating indefinitely.Meanwhile for your information,qualcom has already clarified on the issue.

  • AnonD-23465

Yeah.When nokia declined,people gave the throne to samsung for they had moved to android.That time samsung was a force to reckon with but no longer.I myself got a samsung wave II on when it was released.But what a fate bada suffered!! I am no longer buying any more of samsung.Then i moved on towards Sony (got xperia U) and what a phone it turned out to be.Sony is simply inta different league.

  • AnonD-5666

Do you think LG will ever concede that there were issues? And it's not only Samsung who's saying this


Why is G4 delayed then?

  • django

another lie by samsung exposed ;-)

sammy just cant keep people fooling around

  • Anonymous

LG, 22 Jan 2015Samsung just wanted to sell their cheap chipset . which is... moreIf you're trying to use facts to prove something, at least get your facts straight.. because Samsung was actually selling the Snapdragon version of the S4 and S5 in most parts of the world (that was the called the "International" version for a reason) and South-Korea got a faster version with Exynos (and a better camera in the case of the S4)..

I live in Belgium and had to buy from Korea to get the Exynos S4, otherwise I could only get the Snapdragon version.

So how does that fit into your "logic"?
The latest Snapdragon processors are indeed quite good, but that doesn't mean there can't be problems in the future.

  • Anonymous

Who cares about the name? Efficiency and performance not the name.. Samsung may choose whatever chipset it wants.. What matters is the performance not snapdragon which is so overrated.. There are much better chipstets so stop complaining

  • AnonD-354047

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2015Most of the general public are no longer fooled by Samsung'... morei think the trick is in competition Samsung made some excelent smartphones that gave him the boost in popularity few years ago now competition has catched him or even got ahead of him.
So people see that other brands are good or better choice so they choose other maker

  • Anonymous

Most of the general public are no longer fooled by Samsung's shenanigans, like a couple of years ago. These days, all that's left are the Samsung fanboys, who don't even believe Samsung when Samsung says negative news lol.

The rest of the world has woken up.

  • mas39

All these heat issues are a hoax set up by Qualcomm's competitors, so sad for this to happen. Fact is Qualcomm's chips will always be favoured ahead of Samsung's or Intel's due to their all round features. Already the 14nm s8i5 and s820 chipsets are being readied for release towards the end of this year, can't wait.
With regards to phones, I would never ever buy a Samsung phone, they are so dull and boring, i've had LG phones in the past and the G4 should be very successful, personally I'm going to be opting for the king of all kings, the beast of all beasts, the 6.44" Sony Z4 Ultra, the S6 and Note 5 won't stand a chance in the looks or design department, there won't be much difference in performance either. Even my brothers have had enough of Samsung after 4 years, so i've told them to go for either Sony, LG or htc.

  • AnonD-23465

LG, 22 Jan 2015nanometer doesent matter . if 14nm samsung can handle witho... moreYou are right.Samsung's exynos is one generation ahead of sd and can hardly compete with snapdragon.I think samsung dont make any alterations to the stock ARM configuration except adding benchmark detecting code.

  • Kettzy

LG, 22 Jan 2015nanometer doesent matter . if 14nm samsung can handle witho... moreExynos has been present on all the international versions of Galaxy S devices. What are you talking about? It's not that Exynos devices are sold in South Korea only.

  • LG

nanometer doesent matter . if 14nm samsung can handle without heating and managing higher performance, then let them prove it .But Not by bashing qcom 20nm.

Snapdragon already proved devices which gained confidence of many vendors.

If exynos is better , why samsung gave exynos only to korean devices ? best device they should give to home land right ?

  • otaru

FreezeGame, 22 Jan 2015No worries. @ 6.1% market share, LG is not a threat to Sams... morei agreed. i can't find any true competitor for android OS for Samsung to afraid of...

  • LG

FreezeGame, 22 Jan 2015No worries. @ 6.1% market share, LG is not a threat to Sams... moreAlso see the decline buddy. How long you can flood market with underperforming mid-range device and overratted high end devices ..

though you dont sense it , samsung is much aware of that .
They just fooled people by heavy marketing comparing to apple device and making fun of apple . Now they are comparing exynos with snapdragon .

G/G2/G3/G4 /G-flex/Gflex2 / VU /GPRO2 / optimus 3D designs are unique . LG lost the name only because of using nvidia tegra devices which nvidia didnt supported the update.
Now my G3 is running Lollipop which is faster even compared to moto/1+1 devices

  • Anonymous

AnonD-354930, 22 Jan 2015Funny, I just know LG and MI are selling it with cripple... moreYes, SD is 20 nanometers and Exynos is 14. Whoever said Exynos sucks is either a shill or doesn't know what he's talking about.
Samsung sucks, however, and it seems S6 will be another useless fashionphone, but that doesn't mean it will suck in terms of CPU.

BTW add HTC to the companies who will use a cripped SoC

  • AnonD-291793

LG, 22 Jan 2015Thats what i told "Samsung know how to use their fans ... moreMost of them would skip one generation. Like the s3 owner would get the s5. Cuz if s4 owner get the s5, there is not much different. Or the s4 owner would find other phone, cuz there are so many better phone out there. Not trying to bash samsung here, of course.

  • AnonD-354930


I just know LG and MI are selling it with crippled SOC's. And Exynos is 6 months ahead in developing, trustme when I say Exynos FTW!

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2015I bet the next set of reviews are going to have 'temperatur... moreWhich would be true as too much heat can have a serious side effects on a device's performance. Reboots, freezing/lockups, component failure, throttling, etc.

A benchmark isn't needed, but keeping the temps down should be a high priority.

Encoded Location (rM3S)
Often imitated but never duplicated!

  • LG

FreezeGame, 22 Jan 2015No worries. @ 6.1% market share, LG is not a threat to Sams... moreThats what i told "Samsung know how to use their fans "
But how long they can fool people ?? Now a days samsung fans are decreasing as they got continuesly cheated

How many s4 owners will buy S5 how many s5 owners will buy note3/4 how many will buy note5/s6 (that too with exynos)

Let the time proove it .

  • Anonymous

AnonD-286474, 22 Jan 2015Careful choice of wordsYep. "Oh it works quite fine. Just don't use it for too long periods of time or at too high outside temperature and you'll have no problems". Duh. Same with batteries. Like 500 hp car with a 5l gas tank