Moto G Lollipop update now rolling out in India

23 January, 2015
Both the first and second generation models are being upgraded to Lollipop.

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  • Razer

[deleted post]I had the same issue, i got the notification but the day after that when i tried checking for it, update isnt available anymore

  • AnonD-356131

so yeah . i got the update notification yesterday but today when i checked it, the notification for the update thing is missing ! what can i do about this ! please help

  • Abhishek

I updated my phone to Android 5.0 Lollipop and its running veryy veeerrryy veeeeerrrrryyyyyyy sllloooowwwwwwww!!!1 :(

  • Vaans

AnonD-356016, 25 Jan 2015I'm not able to update my phone.....its showing a msg that ur de... moreI think you have to disable encryption ..I think somewhere in settings.

  • nj

Yesterday I got notification for update.BT today there is no update. Its keep saying ur device is up to date

  • kirti

Received in gujarat state. Working smooth. No issu at all. Great UI. Moto rocks.

  • AnonD-356118

Select a contact. Then at the top right you will find edit option. Select edit Then again another button at the top right. There you will find delete option

  • Gagan

Pls post review on android L..

  • Anonymous

Guys ... Wait and relax, lollipop will come to to all of moto g 2nd gen (including moto g) ... It's just that Motorola have released the updates in phases and hence the reason some you u have got the update and some of u not (even I am the poor guy who have not received the update yet). But pls trust me and wait for couple of days. We all will taste the new Google's lollipop.

  • Adshubh

kamal, 25 Jan 2015Hello friend, when did you get this update ,i am still waiting f... moreGot it yesterday i.e. on 24 jan

  • AnonD-330550

i also facing the same problem when i downloading the lollipop update after 63% its stuck i wait 30 min. but still same after that i cancel the downloading after that again i m start downloading but its not downloading and its give the msg your device software is up to date but its not update. After that i consult with the moto executive and he simply says sir i don't know why this problem was come please wait for next update. Very poor service moto.

  • Vijay

Vineeth, 25 Jan 2015I also facing the same issue.Ringtone is not working.Some bell s... moreMove your ringtones to internal memory and you can set your preferred ringtones..

For battery drain problems just do a factory reset and everything will be alright..

  • honey

I HV moto g (1st gen)...... no update yet.... its saying software up to date

  • harsh455

Malkesh, 23 Jan 2015Got update in moto g1. Not getting update in g2. In ahmedabad, GujaratThx ... I was finding about gujarat of motorola moto G2 user that they got lollipop or not... Thx it support me to wait

  • harsh455

susi, 23 Jan 2015those who are all saying the update is not received yet, please ... moreBro ... Can u share link? I didnt get anywhere.... Plz .. Thx.. For ur support.

  • jonam

Still no update for moto g1 chennai....shows up to date

  • AnonD-311664

No update in delhi NCR for moto G2

  • sb

not getting lollipop update on Moto G 2014

  • sachhi

I'm not able to update my phone.....its showing a msg that ur device is up-to-date... Plzzz help

  • AnonD-356049

vyk, 25 Jan 2015saying device is upto date help plsSame here