Check out this week's new phone and tablet announcements

25 January, 2015
Three tablets and phablet debuted this week courtesy of HP and Oppo and they all run Android.

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  • 25 Jan 2015

For a long time I have followed gsmarena and I remember how it used to he back when Symbian and Windows mobile were still a thing. Now I'm starting to lose my interest in this because of how biased the news are.
1. The description of this article states that all tablets launched this week run android. That not true because you have the 3 HP Windows tablets that you covered in the blog section.
2. While I took the time to write this I would like to also say that when HP launched the 6 new tablets this week only the 3 Android tablets were posted in the news section while the other 3 Windows tablets were only mentioned in the blog.
Please try to be the website I once knew and present the whole story.