Qualcomm to provide Samsung with a modified Snapdragon 810

24 January, 2015
The new release is expected to arrive in March, unclear how that will affect the Galaxy S6 development.

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  • AnonD-355209

True Samsung with IBM and global foundries designs the and manufacture the chips. Apple has little to do with actual hardware design. Nvidia are also con artists since its tsm that makes their chips. The tegra chip is an over locked tsm snapdtagon /mediatek chip. The first tegra and second tegra chips were disastrous because nvidia could not design the chip. Tsm was still manufacturing 45nm chips when the world moved forward with 32/28 nm designs. Nvidia does not have the capability actually improve the design of a chip. Its tsm that does. Don't buy a word of nvidias snake oil

  • Anonymous

It is obvious that the thermal design of the Galaxy S6 is not effective enough. As the phones construction is finalized, Samsung does not have time to change it before launch. This is solely Samsung's fail. Other vendors do not report overheating issues with SD 810.

  • Anonymous

All the phones that use the Snapdragon 615 and 610 so far have serious overheating / clock gating issues. Everyone knows the 810 issues (and 808 having gone totally AWOL) are not just rumours. Personally I wouldn't go near a handset with the 810, until such time as they revise / are confirmed to have fixed everything. Just as I will continue to advise anyone to avoid the 610 and 615 chipset.

so.... those who have already bought Note4 .... and have heat issue would do what?

im still planning to buy a note 4 but these heat issues have slowed me down big time...
now S6 pops in the air... WTH!

  • Anonymous

MaxSmarties, 25 Jan 2015Lol, you really believe that Apple's SoC architectures are desig... moreTSMC is just 30% of the A8 production
.Samsung does the rest
.do some research doug

  • Anonymous

Muthu, 25 Jan 2015If implementation of design provided by apple is that difficult ... moreIf you knew any better, you would know that Samsung makes Apple's chipsets.

  • Garageburn

Denver, top of mobile heap for single core performance period.

Apple fans need to accept it was bumped an no doubt A9 will take title back, then other guys.

But as of right now, Denver is king, period.

  • Anonymous

MaxSmarties, 25 Jan 2015They surely can DESIGN better hardware. By far.Really... exynos 5433 would have kicked a8 if was in 64 bit mode and what about super amoled display???
Wait for exynos 7420... and see.... s6 might even get samsung camera (own lenses and other) .... s6 will rock...

MaxSmarties, 25 Jan 2015Lol, you really believe that Apple's SoC architectures are desig... moreA9 will be manufactured by Samsung like many of iPhone's processors! Apple could not manufacture single equipment under its direct control! GTAT disaster is still live in our memory.Though design is important, equally important is flawless manufacturing. Be it display, processor, memory Samsung is way too ahead of the market in getting them to market.

thenerd, 24 Jan 2015I'm talking about Samsung and Apple, do you think that Apple can... moreThey surely can DESIGN better hardware. By far.

AnonD-355892, 25 Jan 2015Apple doesnt design anything apart of the design of his phones, ... moreLol, you really believe that Apple's SoC architectures are designed and developed by Samsung ? Best joke of the year.....
Apple A8 isn't even manufactured by Samsung (is TSMC). SAMSUNG and Qualcomm are just one generation behind in SoC technology, deal with it.

thenerd, 25 Jan 2015hahaha.....Apple doing the hard work, a person who design does n... moreYou really don't understand much of system architecture, right?

Lol, they underclocked the snapdragon architecture and still have overheating issues?

  • mohammad

first they should solve the heating problem and later use this snap

  • AnonD-338467

If that's the case,
people, please refrain yourself from buying into a LG G Flex2 or the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, or you'll regret.

  • Muthu

thenerd, 25 Jan 2015hahaha.....Apple doing the hard work, a person who design does n... moreIf implementation of design provided by apple is that difficult and not the design itself, why samsung is not able to come up with A8X equivalent for tablets in android world so far? Credit where due - apple is way ahead of competitors in CPU/GPU. Period.

  • thenerd

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2015There are people who build from specifications and people who de... morehahaha.....Apple doing the hard work, a person who design does not do more work than the person who actually implements the design......the person who designs can do come up with unrealistic design elements, it's the person who implements it that knows what can and cannot be done....

  • AnonD-342102

AnonD-3678, 24 Jan 2015Does touchwiz cause the overheating problem instead of hardware ... moreNo, Samsung new touchwiz really awesome. It's super fast. They listen people complain. I experience Note 4 and Grand prime. Really it's very fast and feel good. It's also look very cool. U should experience it.

  • xjdjdh

AnonD-185330, 24 Jan 2015Look who's talking ;a shamesung user. hahahahahahahahahahah Even... moreDo you know Samsung leads the mobile market than any manufacturer in the world.

  • AdamBoy64

They should rename the modified 810, and call it the 811 or something.

The reputation of the 810 is going to stick with the name.