Nokia N900 is now officially outed and it packs some serious stuff

27 August, 2009
Well, it seem Nokia have something even more exciting to announce at the upcoming Nokia World, so they’ve decided to fire early with the N900 tablet/smartphone announcement. N900 is a continuation of Nokia...

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Hey nokia lovers

just found some YouTube videos in which the guy says stantum mtitouch technology also works with capacitive, off course it works well on resistive

and this techonoly has been selected in upcoming consumer product:)

YouTube stantum

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TC, 29 Aug 2009HTC Touch Pro2 is your dream

  • Question

Does someone know if i don't want to type on that thingy, can i put a visual keyboard?

  • sathish

this phone will be the best if it has the music quality to go with its massive storage. anybody knows if this has music chip to compliment music quality?

  • TC

HTC Touch Pro2 is better.

  • Anonymous

great all-around handheld! only feel sorry for those who paid 600 euros to get n97! man nokia should decrease n97 price with 200 euros and give these 200 alss to those who alread bought it as iphone used to do everytime it made a discount!

  • ND

Itsyg0, 29 Aug 2009i wonder if it will alow to play avi files without instaling som... moreIt cans play avi format directly, doesn't need to install avi codec for it. Video playback file formats: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp; codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263.

  • Itsyg0

i wonder if it will alow to play avi files without instaling some gadgets as on N95 ore others.
At what i've seen this seems to be fun.....can wait to play ;)

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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2009 skatebiker 06-04-2009 , 03:41 AM Posts: 452 | Thanked: 73 tim... moreThe only possible drawback the N900 can have compared with the N97 is the lack of a digital compass - and that's it - but this hasn't yet been confirmed... so it might be superior in every single way!

  • :o

Does someone know if i don't want to type on that thingy, can i put a visual keyboard?

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06-04-2009 , 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Architengi
1. Faster processor OMAP generation 3 (N900) compared to generation 2 (N97)
2. Double RAM memory 256 MB (N900) compared to 128 MB (N97)
3. 3D applications and OpenGL (3D fast games) supported by N900 processor
4. OpenOffice and KOffice (Word, spreadsheet, presentations PPT) for free in N900 compared to 30$-40$ QuickOffice in N97
5. Hundreds of free good applications for Maemo N900 and potential more hundreds from Linux community (including potential to have Google G1 application framework ported to Maemo) compared to almost not many good free application on Symbian.
6. Very good internet browsers FireFox , etc on Maemo, compared to not very performant browser on Symbian.
7. Full Java support for Maemo not only a subset like is for Symbian.
8. Full Flash support for Maemo, not just a mobile version like is for Symbian.
9. Easy to program Maemo compared to hard to program Symbian Carbide C. - more applications for N900 in future.
10. 800 x 480 resolution means VGA videos will not be shrinked, which is better quality watching videos and all the games and applications. (N900 has 800x480 and N97 has 640x360)
11. Command line is very important, because you can package quickly anything, run a Pearl or a shell batch file and you can install anything, you can update libraries and modules, install frameworks and do a lot of stuff.
12. Video recording is 800x480 on N900 which is better than 640x480 on N900
13. qole noted that Maemo 5 is "swishier" and very next-generation, with lots of transparency, 3D effects, swishing and swooping windows, etc. That tends to appeal to gadget hounds.
14. Linux is a solid OS, where Symbian is only a mobile OS.
15. Linux community is greater than Symbian's
16. Linux Maemo has many Virtual Machines (VM) which can run from Windows to different other systems.
17. Maemo has better remote connection applications, and with bigger resolution of N900 and much more memory (needed here) N900 will clearly subclass N97 in this category.
18. More printer drivers and other drivers in Linux.Maemo than Symbian. Linux cames from computer to mobile so it has more USB capabilities.

This what came to my mind right now. Maybe there are many other advantages. One advantage N97 has is the tilt screen, which is very nice. :-)
19. No application signing required
I have a N810 and 5800 and I notice that the N810 is more mature as well and prefer this for webbrowsing.
OTOH, do not expect much of a builtin camera, a 'real' camera (compact or SLR) perform much better as the sensor is larger.
Shame that the N900 has a smaller screen (3.5") than the N810 (4"), I'd expect a larger one such as the Archos 5 or upcoming Apple Media tablet.
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  • Raqesh

This is a fantastic phone, the amalgamation of the smartphone format with the tablet aspect is nothing short of genius

  • Paspartu

Here are the specs

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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2009I and many more people will seriously put N97 or N900 as first p... moreSad that there is no user forum in stantum website!:( if it has, I would go there to ask them to join nokia!

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The design is not too bad , just not as sexy as n97!

  • namez bond

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2009With Nokia World 2009 just comming in less than a week, I wonder... morei know eh...this juz literally proves tht not only Nokia fans but all fans of other brands come in here either to check out n leave a comment OR juz criticize n make themselves feel betta! all hail Nokia! :D

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With Nokia World 2009 just comming in less than a week, I wonder if this post regarding the N900 can reach 1000.

Post #460

  • namez bond

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2009"WM 6.5, WVGA OLED touchscreen, bigger RAM, better CPU, 8.1 mp c... morewell put! but u see these people juz wont stop criticizing nokia N900...coz most of'em r fans of sm other brands...they're still gonna find smthin to argue bout...coz they juz cant get over the fact tht nokia brought out smthin thts better thn wat they own n wat their beloved brands can only hope to launch...once agen, nicely put!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2009WM 6.5, WVGA OLED touchscreen, bigger RAM, better CPU, 8.1 mp camera"WM 6.5, WVGA OLED touchscreen, bigger RAM, better CPU, 8.1 mp camera"

WM 6.5 -> Maemo is miles ahead, nothing to discuss here. Read the comments in the N900 forum to learn more.
WVGA OLED -> If done right, then and only then it will be superior to N900's WVGA TFT.
Bigger RAM -> Joke? There is no phone but the N900 that uses virtual runtime memory, you'll never run out of application memory. Read the comments in the N900 forum to learn more.
Better CPU -> Again, another joke? MHz isn't everything...
8.1 mp camera -> 5MP Carl Zeiss camera with dual-LED flash and WVGA-recording is far superior to an unknown 8MP one, just look at LG Viewty Smart or LG Crystal.

Conclusion: N900 4-1 X2


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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2009you are right, lets wait for the official announcement, I bet th... moreWell... it has 1GB of application memory (256MB RAM and 768MB virtual memory). This is the ONLY phone on the market that uses this rather nice technology - to use the mass storage memory when/if it runs out of the RAM.