Gigabyte introduces three new Android smartphones

28 January, 2015
The new Gigabyte GSmart Guru GX, Mika MX and Roma RX cover the three key market segments.

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  • AnonD-359757

I like the white Roma RX, it would be a good gift idea depending on the price...

  • GA

AnonD-338467, 29 Jan 2015Don't understand why Gigabyte still choose to use the name ... moreyou means that you don't like the name of GSmart?

  • Anonymous

Bigger and removable batteries would have made these phones worth while

  • kamikazi

wth, gigabyte? new? i didn't know they make phone, why would they?!! wonder if anyone ever bought one!
they should focus on graphics card and mobos

  • AnonD-338467

Don't understand why Gigabyte still choose to use the name GSmart. It was proven a failed naming. Perhaps Taiwanese was old timer, prefer something old?

  • Force Majeure

Same old story, small batteries and thin phones, just new SoCs. *sigh*

  • AnonD-230574

feeling sorry for Gigabyte..they are still living in 2010s..

  • Anonymous

2300 MAh in the Guru is a joke.
A also think that 1080p for 5" is an overkill for this segment and this SOC and especially for this battery.