Nokia officially announce N97 mini and unveil X3 and X6

02 September, 2009
The long rumored Nokia N97 mini finally got officially announced today with no surprises. What got us by surprise though is Nokia's first X series devices - the touch-based X6 and the cheaper slider X3...

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  • stab116

the x6 looks really cool, but did nokia create a new series, i believe nseries and xpressmusic is enough

  • yet!

hope X6 wont be big as iphone, it will not fit my pocket. 32 gb? hope it would not be used as gimik to make the fone expensive. i like the design, but i wont buy it for anything else, so make the price low as possible, for sure ill buy it.

  • fuck nokia

nokia should stop making phones with s40 and really sucks compared to htc,blackberry,iphone,LG,samsung and so on and so forth..all of the mobile brands keep evolve their phone OS..but for nokia you should more focus on your maemo os..right?

  • Aston DBS

I love that dark brown/gold color on that mini N97.
It makes my white N97 look boring!
Thumbs Up, Nokia!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]N900 > N97/X6 > N97 mini

This is the correct order.

  • andy burgin

The mini N97 looks like the Chinese copy of the normal N97,so people better read the discription of the phone they are buying before they buy it,or lose loads of money,was expecting something more out standing from Nokia as the X series mobiles will not please alot,hope we do get there 12 mega-pixel camera mobile soon as Samsung an Sony Ericsson have theres released or on there way,but nothing from Nokia to shock them both,

  • I hate brick

They stole the naming and design from sony ericsson. Especially the design omg. Shame on u nokia yall ran out out of creativity. You know every is liking the x series designs cuz they resembles sony ericsson designs.

  • tsdv

Only one surprise here, The X6 will only be available as ComesWithMusic!!! Rats, as usual in the UK we'll get one choice of network, Why can't i just pay Nokia for ComesWithMusic upfront and put it on any handset/network.

  • andy

i think nokia x6 gonna be a big hit into mobiles market.very nice.well done nokia.^^

  • gowtham

among n97, mini, and x6 which is better than omnia HD i8910.

  • Dani

X6 is nice, N97 mini NO, X3 NO

they copied the X-Series names from BMW?

  • aj

X3, X6? Oh nokia wants to get my fav sony ericsson. can't u figure out something different?

  • bummy

X6 looks decent, but the other two are so ugly!

Way to steal Sony Ericsson's X-Line!
Everyone's gonna be reminded of Xperia everytime~

  • x

x for xperia? :-)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hahahah Nokia Fan? Im using an Iphone rigth now, But i have to admit that i was into the Omnia ,but i tested a friends one and the uncovered lense, the lag in the video, and its cheap plastic and design, its not me!! i dont like it! i love the screen thats all, but its ugly and not elegant, its look cheap!!! may be ull find it cool but not me!! and im happy i did not buy that overpriced ugly phone! cause the N900 its what i want, a real Office on the go! not a wanna be, a real one, and by the way, i did not like the sound Quality of the omnia!! My Iphone its wayyy better! but im going to give a try to the N900 it looks more like it!
ps U sound like a Samsung fan, Get a life a girlfriend and a Nokia X6 for her, i bet ur as ugly as ur Omnia!!!

  • oho

D, 02 Sep 2009None of the today announcements can beat nokia N900!!!!!!!!!! ... moreThe conference isn't over yet, we still have tomorrow, Nokia always leaves the surprises till the end ;)

  • Tiago

Again, where are the camera lens cover? It will get scratched before you can spell Nokia! Like the N95 and N95 8Gb, the classic version always is better.

  • D

None of the today announcements can beat nokia N900!!!!!!!!!!

N900 rocks
the next model just need capcitive( resistive is ok) and better design like N97!!!!D

  • oho

dave, 02 Sep 2009If this is real,Nokia done a great improve for outlook design. Yes, these are real, they were announced at Nokia World today!

  • dave

If this is real,Nokia done a great improve for outlook design.