Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop update delayed due to Gear VR

30 January, 2015
The delay delivering Lollipop to the Galaxy Note 4 might be due to compatibility with the Gear VR.

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  • AnonD-358422

I have the gear vr, its the only reason I got the note 4 after switching from apple, I'm so glad I have the note 4 now instead of apple, man they are a boring phone now looking back! Anyhow I showed my friends the gear vr, now they all want a note 4 as well! A lot of them are switching from apple now as well! This device and the gear vr has blown my mind! Its so amazing, in fact I'm gonna go put it on now and play a new game I got, I'm out

  • note2/3/4

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2015Samsung not Release Loliipop Update till The Samsung Galaxy S6 G... moreNot really! I prefer a note phone.

  • Mhanz

Lol what an excuse, they just cant meet the timelines because of garbage Touchwiz porting.

  • Anonymous

Samsung not Release Loliipop Update till The Samsung Galaxy S6 Get Released,People of N4 users Sold their devices and Looking for S6.


Screw gear vr seriously... android is hardly a gaming powerhouse... If I wanted VR i wouldn't waste it on a mobile device . I would use a top of the range gaming PC.

  • iDontEvenHaveVR

How many people does Samsung think own a VR?! Seriously, just for that reason?? Hope Samsung would stop keeping us waiting while others already sucking on their lollipops

  • not4

AnonD-358296, 31 Jan 2015What kind of madness is this? What percentage of Note 4 buyers ... moreI agree fella.. this samsung is incompetent company copying others ideas and looting them by forcing them to buy new devices by pushing late & buggy software updates. This company is another Nokia follower. Shame on you shamesung.

  • Anonymous

Suck-it-up, 30 Jan 2015Cmonnnn sammy!! Give the update to s5 n note 4 quick so that my ... moreLol... Actually Note 3 do have official lollipop update in the Russia already. Samsung started rolling out....

  • AnonD-358296

What kind of madness is this? What percentage of Note 4 buyers do you think bought the Gear VR device? 1%? 5%, maybe?? To hold up the Lollipop update just for that is idiotic.

  • Anonymous

This is why SHAMESUNG is loosing out to it's competition and it does not deserve to be in number 1 spot.

  • Anonymous

What a Pitty.....

  • Anonymous

Silly reason. Lollipop is getting moldy for samsung.

  • samnoteuser

ufkm, 30 Jan 2015u know u can go and cry with ur mom right, they said it will get... moreBoy you need serious mental medication. Are you running out of your mind. Your dad works in samsung ? Why such a hopeless response towards premium phone buyers. I know how update works. Are they redesigning TW or re-writing android you mindless man. Go get some air, If you have access to it.

  • impatient

Come on samsung what a publicity...juat because of gear vr reason why it delayed? Hello its last day of the month already... you have lot of excuses.. after gear vr what will be tour next excuses?

  • AnonD-7433

luisinhoens90, 31 Jan 2015Just bring this update ASAP Samsung! There's no more excuses, we... moreYou should spend some more of your hard earned money for the Gear VR though you have a tight budget, it's worth it. You can thank me later.

  • Anonymous

Lol the drama of some people here when software updates for flagships used to be half a year at the soonest. Lollipop has some nice changes but not that Kitkat is so unbearable that you need to upgrade at once or downgrade to avoid it. And it's a Note 4, what exactly are the alternatives if you bought it for the pen?

Just bring this update ASAP Samsung! There's no more excuses, we've spent our hard earned money for your flagship and we deserve timely updates. I've been waiting 2 months for this and I could care less for Gear VR.

  • AnonD-358216

I have the VR, also. It's amazing. Everyone I showed it too wants one. I hope they don't release the update without compatibility with the VR. I didn't spent $200 for nothing. I don't think Samsung would want to deal with the bad publicity it would get and the refunds either.

  • Anonymous

Dodee, 30 Jan 2015Oh man, Samsung's sw update sure sucks! It's the end of January ... moregrow up seriously

  • joe

This sucks! I bought a Note 4 specifically in anticipation of the upgrade and now I am delayed waiting for compatibility with something I will never buy!