Samsung refutes Canalys report, says still on top in India

05 February, 2015
The report had said that Micromax has overtaken Samsung as the leading smartphone vendor in India

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Sammy would be correct! No One I know or have come across have ever owned or used a Micromax cell, so come on folks, Micromax a top seller -such a joke! One wonders what the heck is the meaning of "Nothing like Anything", it sounds so absurd!

  • django

AnonD-233406, 05 Feb 2015people like u can't afford duos n u talking note 4. tell me the ... morehow do you know he/she cant afford duos ?

anyway in india if someone has money to buy , they will buy iPhone and not some crap by samsung

  • Anonymous

AnonD-233406, 05 Feb 2015people like u can't afford duos n u talking note 4. tell me the ... moreHe can only afford Xaiomi outdated model. Even if he holds Note 4 and still finding faults in it then he can encyclopedia on IPhone issue (it does have after all it is made by human) . Especially with specs (personally I don't care about specs)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2015Samsung - Montblanc touch pens, fancy watches , head gear... cur... moreDon't bring Nokia and BlackBerry In every issue, if you are so smart then starts your own Smartphones Brand we will see how it's goes.

  • AnonD-233406

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2015Even if SHAMEsung are right then that might as well be their las... morepeople like u can't afford duos n u talking note 4. tell me the other android vendors that update their phones before Samsung. learn how to talk.

  • AnonD-286474

Micromax #1 contender in India for poor after sales service, if they can fix that they will move to #1 in sales easily

  • ramu

Gfk is partial....

  • AnonD-180036

yes i also disagree with this servey result.
micromax..... no
samsung is still number 1(still even i don't like to buy samsung devices, i am not a samsung fan)

  • Anonymous

Even if SHAMEsung are right then that might as well be their last time. their flagship phones are made of plastic and they take forever to upgrade their flagship phones to the latest OS. I own as Note 4 and this is the last time no more Shamesung. I will move to Apple they phones are much better than SHAMESUNG.

  • swaps

samsung is the wort brand possible in India, they r over priced for what they provide ........ no wonder micromax tookover as Indias no 1 brand

  • AnonD-7043

burn Samsung. its all your own fault. treating India as dump yard for ur overpriced downgraded junk is finally showing the result.

  • django

micromax might have overtaken samsung in number of units sold..
but value wise samsung might still be ahead of micromax..

anyway samsungs glory days are over

  • Anonymous

Samsung - Montblanc touch pens, fancy watches , head gear... curved screens are all vanity .... sales are sanity .... and that comes from

1) Dual SIM
2) IP 68
3) Solid battery
4) Robust phones

You don't get tis right ... look at Nokia & Blackberry to see where you are heading ...

  • poor sammy

no place for samsung in india ..haha

"In the entire year 2014, we continued to lead the market with innovative and exciting offerings. Our volume market share in the smartphone market in the year was 35.7%, which is more than double than that of the next player, while our value share was 40.2%, which is more than four times the next player."

I should have known better. Micromax can't compete with Samsung.

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  • Matt

GfK is sh*t, heavily baisd towards Samsung. I am working in consumer electronics and GfK's data has too many discrepancies.

  • Anonymous

samsung is always no 1 brand for me best quality best user interference best service compare to micromax...micromax can never beat samsung....