Now Android 5.1 spotted running on 2nd gen Moto G

06 February, 2015
The new version is already shipping on Android One smartphones in Indonesia.

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  • Harish

When is Android L 5.1 update to get on moto g2??

  • karan

My moto g2 is very slow they hanged so much and i have 5.0.1 so plzz release 5.1 update of moto g2 and i am very fedd up of my phone and i bought this phone 1 month ago........

  • kranthi

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2015I'm waiting L5.1.1 plz com fastU receive 5.1 update bro

  • Nonid

5.1 is still a lot worse then kitkat4.4

  • Anonymous

Moto G 2nd gen getting crashed in between games or other application and showing black screen after updating it to lollipop.

Unless and until we forcefully reboot the handset the issue persist. Kindly fix this issue.

Hopefully will get a L5.1 update & will fix this issue.

  • sarvadnya

When will moto g2 get 5.1 update

  • ni3

Mani , 15 May 2015I can't find any of my older images in my Gallery after updated ... moreL5.0.2 not working properly please bring L5.1 early as possible.

  • kannu

Plz relese moto g2 ka 5.1 update

  • Anonymous

When is update L5.1.1 coming for moto g2?????fed up of cell hanging too much. Feel like throwing it away!!!!! 5.0.2 sucks

  • Kumaar

old version is worst... please update the version ASAP...

  • ANM

Why isn't android upgrading in my Moto G2. Pls help me and give suggestions

  • vicky

wanna L 5.2 for my Moto g2

  • Anonymous

I'm waiting L5.1.1 plz com fast

  • srinivas

cell became slow and lots of drwbacks

  • Anonymous

Updated to Android lollipop in moto g 2 . my system ha slowed down badly. Multiple other issues how to degrade it to the previous version android KitKat

  • AnonD-400790

5.0.2 is very slow performance, sluggish plzzzz update it fast in moto g 2

  • avnish

My dialer isn't working properly in moto g 2nd gen . how to fix it??

  • Milan

5.0.2 is sooooo slow....

  • sumukh

Send ugrade version of moto g2 i.e L5.1

  • suAj

Lolipop 5.0.2 is soo poor..plz update it..