Win 10 Tech Preview for phones tipped to release early next week

07 February, 2015
The build (8.15.12495.44) will be released on Monday, February 9 at 9 am PST.

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  • AnonD-361253

Lag in android has always been lie since 4.0

That's why it's called butter smooth.
No way android phones do the lag.
It's windws phone that have that issue

  • AnonD-278671

Keson, 07 Feb 2015Can lumia 730 update to Window 10?? Please tell me, i want to ... moresome 512mb devices are also getting win10 So you don't have to worry about lumia 730.

  • grimlockBH

dave, 07 Feb 2015i see no different wats wrong with these peopleDo u see difference between jelly bean and kitkat or ios 7 and 8

  • shiv

AnonD-277030, 07 Feb 2015L520 is still not supported for WP10 TP build... I hope it gets ... more There will be Windows 10 upgrades for all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices :) And we will release new Windows 10 models in the future!

  • AnonD-81729

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2015I agree, 100%Windows 10 disagrees with you. Consistent UI is very important for enterprise world and going from device to device.

  • Anonymous

Nice and good looking UI, maybe I will try Win10 phone for my next phone.

  • Anonymous

Gibby, 08 Feb 2015As long as MS insist on those 'orrible characterless, generic, n... moreLooks will always be subjective, i use a wp for few months, and not use into live tiles, went back to android, guess what, i find static icons are more boring than live tikes, so i went back to wp again.

  • AnonD-218710

My 1520 is still on Cyan, middle east. Wonder lazy MS will take years, or directly to 10. It's a puzzle unresolved. Actually it's a gimmick with cosmetic effects, here and there. Still 1530 is my envy.

  • raghu

Hi I am from India currently I am using Lumia 1020 . Did I eligible to getting technical purview update. Please give me a reply any one

  • Anonymous

Gibby, 08 Feb 2015As long as MS insist on those 'orrible characterless, generic, n... moreI agree, 100%

  • AnonD-358247

microsoft phones very good but we want multiple homscreens like 97,5800,

  • raghu

microsoft phones are good but plz we want to multiple homsecreens

  • Anonymous


  • Gibby

As long as MS insist on those 'orrible characterless, generic, non-personalisable tiles & fixed font & graphics - they'll never gain more market share.
Any company that resists the natural individuality of the human race and tries to implement bland generic characteristics is fighting a losing battle.
I'm no troll & no doubt I expect I'll face some negative responses to this comment - but let's face it - it's just not working is it MS!
How long it takes them to realize this is anyone's guess :S

  • Anonymous

If I belive my eye they didn't chenge anything..

  • correction

Ujjal Chattopadhyay , 07 Feb 2015A great news for every windows phone owner........*wp 8+ users. Wp 7.x are also windows phone users.

  • Beta

AnonD-205659, 07 Feb 2015So these guys are gonna be like, "0 major bugs, 200 minor b... moreWell it is Beta. If you want refined version, wait for official release.

  • AnonD-81729

Unified UI and no OEM or carrier bloatwares on Windows 10 mobile is the way to go. It helps with OS updates. Much easier to update the OS. Android has too much crap in the OS from OEM/carrier bloatwares to fragmented graphic chips, processors, or SoC that slow down and create tons of bugs.

  • Anonymous

Fonts and notification on black screen is white i get it, but on white depending on wallpaper must be ajustable in this picture i see it white on main isnt readable so good..

  • bazsy

AnonD-277030, 07 Feb 2015L520 is still not supported for WP10 TP build... I hope it gets ... moreThe devices with 512 MB of RAM will receive the first round!