AT&T's LG G3 is receiving the Android Lollipop update too

10 February, 2015
Like a lot of other devices today, AT&T's version of LG's flagship has been blessed with Lollipop.

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  • Rob

This update pretty much ruined the phone for me. It is EXTREMELY laggy and unresponsive most of the time now and I have no option to change the running time to ART anymore! I really wish they'd create an update to replace this soon or I'm gonna bitch and moan to the store until they take this crap back so I can get a different phone.

  • mike netherlands

I don't like the update! It's making my LG G3 very slow and I don't like the undefineable home buttons... As if its like a oldfashioned PLAY REC and STOP buttons...

  • madgirl

I accidentally upgraded my phone while asleep and I hate it so much everything is different and I hate that the quicken from the bottom is gone now out only has Google...this update changed too much I'm not happy art all.

  • AnonD-362819

They blocked Google wallet tap & pay! On KK it was working just fine. I hate AT&T.

  • Brandon

No possible root yet.
I personally don't see anything worth keeping this over rooted stock KK.

  • bharani

Has lollipop upgarde came for lg g3 beat

my s5 battery is dying slowly
before whole day it mas max 30% drained now i cannot hole till night... dead battery without using phone

  • cpopa

how about g2 update

  • AnonD-278667

After updating to lollipop will i still be able to root my g3 using stump root?because im currently rooted and updating will make i loos root permission.???plz help

  • I have a problem wit

AnonD-60589, 11 Feb 2015The update is also available in Mexico too for LG G3 from Telcel.I have a problem with lollipop which is no multi users in my AT&T d850 of g3 never !
Does any one have the same problem ?
My lollipop version is 5.0.1

  • Siva

I have just updated the new version. I have not seen much improvement in the UI or performance. It is very slow compared to Kitkat. I had Cynogenmod 12 before this which was way better than this. I am really disappointed.

  • AnonD-60589

The update is also available in Mexico too for LG G3 from Telcel.

  • Rick

Just updated my AT&T LG G3. Looks good so far. Although, I'm hopeful they'll revert the appearance of the home buttons back to the LG style (I find them more elegant, and sensible than the Google version)

  • techmad

Nice to hear US Carriers are finally pushing Lollipop to their respective LG G3 devices. Although one would wish it was a lot quicker, as my International Unlocked version has been rocking LP since mid December!!...Nonetheless, good luck to all AT&T G3 owners and enjoy your LP upgrade! It's worth every bit :)

  • Anonymous

They blame oems when it's America's carriers the ones to blame. Haven't you see htc? It's all because those carriets not the company itself. Lollipop was released long ago, but here you go, the free country receives it last.. Tge irony

  • Anonymous


  • Dextor

How about the G2 Lollipop?