This year’s Google I/O will take place on May 28-29

10 February, 2015
Due to the interest towards the conference, Google will distribute passes via a lottery system.

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  • AnonD-349743

AnonD-349743, 11 Feb 2015N - Android Neapolitan O - Android Oreo P - Android Popsi... moreI might also change "Android Spree" to "Android Spongecake"

Android 'M' should be "Android Marshmallow"

  • Anonymous

sHAdStoNEd, 11 Feb 2015what the hell is quick bread????Google it

  • sHAdStoNEd

what the hell is quick bread????

  • kamikazi

i can't belive this, i feel like it was only a week ago they announced lollipop, most phones don't have it yet :) time is going so fast !

  • Apple Counter

All eyes on will be apple wheather they will be able to come with the wearable technology that can be easily accessible to the masses and not just with the classes and make it the next marketable thing in the world after cellphones.

  • AnonD-349743

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2015I do wonder what they're going to do once we run out of let... moreN - Android Neapolitan
O - Android Oreo
P - Android Popsicle
Q - Android Quick Bread
R - Android Reeses
S - Android Spree
T - Android Truffle
U - Android Upside Down Cake
V - Android Vanilla Cream Pie
W - Android Waffle
X - ???Profit
Y - Android Yellow Cake
Z - Android Zabligone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2015Bye bye lollipop hello m&m :)I do wonder what they're going to do once we run out of letters. Or indeed when we get to Q or Z, neither of which I can think of a sweet product for.

  • Anonymous

Bye bye lollipop hello m&m :)

  • AnonD-360112

what is it? I am waiting news good..

  • AnonD-8044

Project Volta anyone.?

I hope to see a load of comments in this section so Google can see what folk want and don't want and what needs fixing.

  • AnonD-349743

Crossing my fingers for more Project Ara coverage. On that subject I think we could have other major brands discussing their contribution to Spiral 3's development.

  • Anonymous

So Android M will revolutionize phones once again as usual.