INQ to also use Android OS soon, do some cool stuff with it

11 September, 2009
INQ, popular for their affordable phones that integrate with Skype and social networks, are working on an Android-powered phone. So far, INQ phones have been using a proprietary OS, which was designed...

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  • J
  • Junaid
  • uW5
  • 05 Oct 2010

i was using INQ1, Unfortunately its Software(OS) get crashed, Can any one tell me where from i will get the OS / Software in order to work my cell again.
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    • J
    • Jim
    • 3J9
    • 12 Sep 2009

    I left Orange after 9/10 years starting with a Nokia 7110 (arguably the first smartphone) and finished with the N95. Orange were a rip off with mobile data so I tried out 3 with their INQ1 and Skypephone S2 for 9 months and saved myself a fortune on mobile data with HSDPA. The Skypephone was a bit 'naff' and unsupported software wise but the INQ1 was excellent in my experience. I loved it. They support up to 4gb micro sdhc cards too. I had an issue with the micro usb ports and not being able to find an adapter for headphones for the music player though. Theyre good quality social networking phones for the price. I look forward to their next offerings.
    But I jumped ship to o2 when the iphone 3gs came out 'cos I love my music and wanted a decent music player and to use decent headphones!
    I must also point out that INQ's Facebook client was and still is the best on a phone and still better than the iphone one with integration into your phonebook contacts and push. You can also multi task well on an INQ phone!
    Id highly recommend INQ phones to anyone.

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      • Anonymous
      • tD5
      • 11 Sep 2009

      why bother buying android phones?
      none of them support video-conference call.

        • m
        • mangfh
        • nGX
        • 11 Sep 2009

        with the INQ phone you have to get it replaced several times due to the terrible construction, problematic software and general terrible nature of the phone. Keys have fallen off, calls don't appear on the phone, messages get lost, phone shuts down randomly, the list is endless. Awful phone company.

          • a
          • apaul
          • 2SU
          • 11 Sep 2009

          this shud be interesting

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            • Anonymous
            • up9
            • 11 Sep 2009

            it looks very much like the upcoming samsung b7330 omniapro..isnt it?

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              • Anonymous
              • iGB
              • 11 Sep 2009

              Although I've never heard of INQ, it should be interesting to see the spec sheet since they're makers of affordable phones...

                • c
                • carl
                • iIR
                • 11 Sep 2009

                first!! :P