Asus to release Qualcomm and Mediatek-powered Zenfone 2

13 February, 2015
The affordable midrange phablet will start shipping in March in select regions.

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  • AnonD-233508

I don't know why some people hate Mediatek chips. Don't you know that HTC uses mediatek chips and had great sales in China. Especially when the Sony Xperia C was released it also sold like hotcakes. I had 4 Mediatek powered phones in the past 4 years and all of them were smooth until new versions of Android came up. My MT6582 runs better than my SD 400

  • AnonD-363676

When ASUS ZENFONE. 2 arrives in INDIA???

i hoped it comes to india by March....

Please update when this phone arrives at INDIA.

  • AnonD-104084

winmel, 14 Feb 2015Why qualcomm? Not intel?Been using several Android with different soc and in my personal experience, soc using qualcomm is the best in terms of multitasking, power efficiency and also gps tracking

  • Ketan

can I get intel atom processor asus zenphone 2 in india.......????

  • kuyumad

I can't understand people who hate mediatek so much. My phone got mediatek processor and it doesn't heat up. It's so power efficient also. It gets the job done from browsing to gaming. I don't use LTE. No more bashing on Taiwanese chip maker. If you want the Intel or Qualcomm variant, it's your choice. Let people choose the variant they want.

  • AnonD-163891

Good specs when in my country not too much $250,lol
And also not hope for MediaTek Come in Indonesia,Want Original version

  • AeA

Mediatek and Snapdragon use ARM architecture. Whereas Intel use x86/x64 architecture. ARM architecture is much more compatible and battery effectiveness for Android device.

  • AnonD-363595

I don't understand the company's logic behind adding a SD as well as an Mediatek variant. The SD version is understandable... But a mediatek, why? Just because some countries don't have 4G LTE capability yet? Well if that's the reason then Asus is gonna come crashing down to the floor. They have not yet officialy announced that Intel version is/isnt gonna hit the Indian market so be positive my Indian brothers and sisters I don't think Asus is that naïve to skip a profitble Indian market.
And one comment surprized me "Asus suggested that they have high expectations from the lower end Zenfone 2". Really? A ZF2 with Intel inside + 4GB RAM + 13mp cam ..... Just for $300 isn't costly at all!

  • jomedz

i had an experience in mediatex and its a good performance but if intel combined i think it so much good to trying to buy zenfone2...thanks ASUS...

  • AnonD-363596

If Asus gonna launch only Mediatek version in India,I wont buy it too,very poor decision taken by Asus, very much disappointed

  • AnonD-355326

hey they forgot the philippines,,, they mentioned all country in the southeast execpt phl,, we are so damn crazy waiting here for that device to come here,

  • Anonymous

AnonD-363513, 14 Feb 2015Jeesuz! The Intel SoC can only be beaten by a Snapdragon 810 or ... moreI didn't see anywhere ASUS made mention of SD 810 SoC as their Qualcomm chips of choice,probably the SD 410 or SD 610 at the most will be gracing the Zenfone 2..

  • Raj

AnonD-323199, 14 Feb 2015Highly disappointed,was eagerly waiting for this but see what i ... moreMediatek also very good in terms of SoC. I think asus ZF2 will come with 6732-quardcore 64bit soc or 6752 octacore 64bit SoC. Both the SoC are capable of 4G LTE ( TD LTE & FDD LTE in india) and Good GPU. But in india 4G taking too much time to implement. So, Asus will ditch 4G Connectivity for Indian Market. If they ditch 4G, Asus will go away from India.

  • vill

in mediatek processor ...don't buy ..(

  • Anonymous

When is the release date here in the US?

  • anil

can some please which is the best processor for mobile means snap dragon 810soc, intel high end processer for mobiles, and mediatek processors. which one is the best?

  • mk

if this is going to be mediatek and only 3G i am not buying it.

  • reebas

India is gonna get Mediatek 5 inch 720 p 2gb version for 12-13k and the launch will be around June. So dont believe in reviews until this version is launched in India. The Intel version will also be launched but wud be priced around 18-20k. Yureka seems to be a better option who dont want to wait

  • winmel

AnonD-104084, 14 Feb 2015Qualcomm Why qualcomm? Not intel?

  • sam

No one in INDIA going to buy those mediatek craps from ASUS. Not really expected from ASUS.