Asus to release Qualcomm and Mediatek-powered Zenfone 2

13 February, 2015
The affordable midrange phablet will start shipping in March in select regions.

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  • Anonymous

Plz release the phone in india by june.....i cant be patient for such super specs phone....plz relaease it as soon as possible....

  • AnonD-363513

Jeesuz! The Intel SoC can only be beaten by a Snapdragon 810 or possibly an 808, neither of which appear to be the " lower end chip set " Asus is planning to throw into the ZF2! We're screwed if they release individual variants only, in India! For, correct me if I'm wrong but I really don't see any mediatek SoC rivalling the 810 :(

  • Tech nerd

Asus should at least release a 4gb version with s805 or z380 in India

  • chimp

Wow! Asus is the dumbest company I've ever seen... They are switching SoC's just because some countries don't support 4G LTE yet, what about power? We all know mediatek makes crappy chips ajd the SD counter part won't be any better than 410! The market strategists have gone nutz I suppose. I don't know about other countries but they will surely earn a great loss in Indian market.
But I don't think there is any reason to worry as it isn't been official announced that Intel based version won't be available. The MCW will be the place to keep an eye on. And my fellow Indian brothers and sisters I'm almost positive that the Intel version will be available India because the Indian market is a backbone if Zenfone series!
Fingers crossed!

  • AnonD-289920

Punisher, 13 Feb 2015Asus must make this phone in Europe to get grip of market. But M... moreThe Mediatek variant will only be released in regions that do not support LTE connectivity. LTE-powered areas are pretty numerous in Europe and the Americas. I'm pretty sure they are going to release the Intel variant there.

  • AnonD-289920

AnonD-355394, 13 Feb 2015Dear Asus,if you launch mediatek based asus zenfone 2 in india..... moreBoth the Intel and the Mediatek variants will be made available in India (not sure about Qualcomm). It's just that there are a number of regions in India that does not support LTE, and as a result, most consumers from those areas might simply opt for cheaper HSPA phones. To eliminate the competition, Asus decided to release a 3G-only Mediatek-powered variant with these regions in mind.

  • AnonD-356472

enough asus .. please release it in march in india .. i can not wait ... otherwise i may have to buy an another phone .. :(

  • AnonD-289920

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2015WTF?! how about the philippines? mediatek is obviously better th... moreYou, sir, seem to be badly misinformed. And given the highly acclaimed presence of the first-generation Zenfones in the Philippines, I trust Asus will release it as early as they deem intelligent.

  • gum

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2015WTF?! how about the philippines? mediatek is obviously better th... moreHow are you sure about that?

  • W3W

Nice no exact date in philippines. Im sure "imported" zenfone 2 will be ship to us price is ranging about 250$ above, then the cpu will be mediatek or QSD.*facepalm*

Anyway im gonna wait until Q3 to finally release the the Intel cpu one in philippines.

  • Anonymous

Yeah, no Phils again???

  • johna

lot of people still dont know about mediatek,, they just know that mediatek was processor for cheap fake china phone

  • geogetski666

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2015WTF?! how about the philippines? mediatek is obviously better th... moreif the newer intel 64bit processors i thnk they are more than better than the current lineup of ediate processors but if ur comparing the old z2580 processors then they are not that good

  • Punisher

The problem with mediatek is that there highest SoC are based on lowest configuration. Like a53 octacore

  • AnonD-233508

Zenfone 2 I
Zenfone 2 Q
Zenfone 2 M

Going for MTK, hopefully MT6752 or MT6795 64-bit octacore w/ mali T760. With price point of $200-250. If these are mid range chips, I don't want to go high end :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2015Mediatek is the worst when compared with Intel and Qualcomm.With 64 bit mediatek is the king of the hill. Qualcomm overheats, intel does not even compete (slow, buggy) and Mediatek is cool and fast. See this between two mid rangers:­52-vs-snapdragon-615/

It would be a sad day for those buying the Qualcomm parts realizing that they bought into worse battery and performance.

In 64 bit it's like this: Apple>Samsung>Mediatek>Qualcomm>Inte­l.
Yeah Intel is dead last, maybe alongside nVidia, those two can hardly make socs suited for phones, they're slow, ugly, buggy.

  • Anne0747

When is the release date in the philippines?

  • Bono. Ph

Intel, Qualcomm, Mediatek.. Whatever makes it better is fine by me. What I don't get is why can't Asus include a backlit capacitive touch button on these. 'Hope I'm wrong, cause it' s difficult to see those buttons in the dark without guessing. Are they that expensive?

  • Rockz

so my take on all this is, Asus might have gone in CES 2015 with a new device that their team built. when they reached there, they might not had any idea of what intel SOC costs, so what they might have done is to price 1 version, namely the one with 2 GB RAM, 1080 Px 5.5 inch screen and the intel Z3560 version as 199 without asking their sales dept

after they might have come back, they must have realized that intel SOC cost more and they might have only been making like 20 bucks off the device. some wise guy from marketing might have then suggested, ok, lets do this
1st world gets Snapdragon, we can increase the price with higher snapdragon SOC or lower price with lower basic versions. so we are covered

countries like our own, daddy China get what we stated to save face, we will make less but keep our word. countries like India and other SE Asian ones, sell them Mediatek, they are fools and wont know what hit them

for others like US,EU, lets wait and watch how they react to our press and then decide.

so this is how asus is now saving face from the major screwup they did

  • james

Do your assignment. Intel is better than mediatek...