Samsung Galaxy A7 goes on sale in India for $491

15 February, 2015
The device goes on sale quietly without a formal launch or announcement.

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  • AnonD-311632

It is ridiculous that they kept the price 31k.
Why not buy s5 instead or wait till one M9 releases so that one m8 will also get a price drop and will be around 31k. What's the point if u don't get a flagship phone for 31k.
And please don't even compare it to iPhone, even iPhone are over priced. If u want to stay in the competition then compare it to one plus one or s5 or xiaomi mi4. They should have priced the a7 around 25k not more than that.

  • Not worth price

AnonD-126854, 15 Feb 2015Much better and more beautiful than iPhone6+(and no fugly insert... moreLook like iPhone. Feels like iPhone. But performance is junk compared to iPhone, and no OS updates nor any accessories.

So this phone your paying for looks only.

Rather pay twice to get a real iPhone, or use the money to buy Gold. Then to waste on this half baked jewellery.

  • Anonymous

hey... u paid this for its design, the same as Apple products.... lolololol

  • Anonymous

LG G3 or Sony Xperia Z3?

What the hell.... 500 USD for this piece of crap?
Samsung is getting bad even at joke level.

  • Anonymous

i would take this over the lg g3 any day. although still, it would do to be less expensive. like a $100 less for what it's worth.

  • Contract

AnonD-126854, 15 Feb 2015Much better and more beautiful than iPhone6+(and no fugly insert... moreSamsung have lost the plot

First they bring out the iPhone beating Samsung Galaxy Alpha and REMOVE microSD expansion as if 32Gb Alpha will appeal to an iPhone owner who has a 64Gb iPhone.

Then why not follow that mistake with an even bigger mitake

The A3, A5 & A7 all have memory expansion BUT all have non user replaceable batteries

If there is one thing we know about iPhone users (wall huggers) is that iPhones you can't carry a spare

The thing that will get the Apple juices running is a replaceable battery so what do Samsung do remove it smart move

I don't consider the Alpha, A3, A5, A7 a Samsung phone

Imagine what would happen if the Samsung Galaxy S6 came in either no expansion or fixed in battery!

If I wanted an IPhone no I don't. So why are Samsung giving us iPhone features

  • AnonD-126854

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2015go for lg g3Why?
Just not be the biggest rival to your lovely Apple?

  • Anonymous

go for lg g3

  • AnonD-126854

Much better and more beautiful than iPhone6+(and no fugly inserts on the back, no HUGE bezels and hight) . Same 5.5" display. All metal body too?
Even if it's not Samsung's flagship.
Oh, and only half of the iPhone6+ price

  • Anonymous

AnonD-115981, 15 Feb 2015Gsmarena can you please confirm if indian version of A7 has Snap... moreThe dual sim has the snapdragon 615, the single sim LTE has the exynos which is a flagship grade processor, same as the one in the galaxy alpha, better than the sp 615.

  • Anonymous

useless hybrid sim phones

  • Anonymous

Heck! Snap 615 for 30k. Well people shpuld wait for barely six months only to fix the deal in something arpund 20 k. Lol!

  • nick

in india........no1 will purchase this....yureka is 160 dollar

  • sdk

Samsung has still not learned the lesson. Mobiles of almost equal or better spec available at lesser price.

  • DeaN

460$ here in Thailand

  • Anonymous

MaxPayne123, 15 Feb 2015So basically if you want to use a second SIM then you have to ma... moreyes that sucks

  • jameel

Did anyone say 5.5inch GS4. Wow if anyone find it, please let gsmarena know, it deserves a review.
So a GS4 with 5.5inch screen would cost jist 30K when the really cool GS4 is costing now 18K. Aahah!!!

  • cinnamon_kick

And they wonder why they are losing market, why sell a phone that's almost as expensive as their flagship specially when phone with similar or better specs are available for less than half the price...

I still cannot understand how can Galaxy Alpha be more expensive than a Galaxy S5... We are working with new materials they said, our designs will be new they said - they made so much of sound just to add a metal frame to an existing design...

A7 is utter crap for the price, granted Yureka isn't equally good but its the same specs. Add a metal body, FHD display, it could cost twice as much but this price is just absurd.

  • Micromax

Yu Yureka with same specs 8999/- Only