HTC One (M9) leaked cases confirm lack of Duo camera

16 February, 2015
No more dual camera as already suspected, but no final images of the smartphone either.

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  • Noel

I am sorry but if this device actually come with the logo bar again, i will most likely skip their flagship again. There are many other devices to choose from. But i am hopping they heard/read all the negative comments about the logo bar and huge bezels. Fingers crossed.

  • Noel

AnonD-213221, 16 Feb 2015Like always HTC it's the king of bezel...pfff :(My dear friend...i hope to god, HTC took note of all the complains about the logo bar and bezels. Most of the renders we've seen show how beautiful the M9 will look if HTC made the adjustments to address what irked some ppl with the M8.

  • AnonD-253907

Hamid_zZz, 17 Feb 2015if you look closely, you can see something else in the back. its... moreThat little dot on the upper-left side is a microphone, it is present in the same position on the M7 and the M8!

  • Hamid_zZz

if you look closely, you can see something else in the back. its like a black circle in the upper-left part of the phone and is available in all of the renders! do you have any idea what that is?
The camera looks different in these renders. some have black square, some don't.
the power button seems to be on the left side of the phone.
the front, looks exactly like One M8. no "EYE" camera in the middle with flash, big speaker grills (like m7 and m8) etc.
so i think, these cases are not mass produced. these are just renders. and again if you look closely, you can see that none of these renders are different in the front, i mean if you change the front design to anything else, it can fit in there!!!
So i firmly believe that, they have no idea what the new m9 will look like. these are just renders to say, that they are ready to start! they have a few info on how the back will look like, but they don't have a clue on how the front will look like. OR, we are all in a coma! the m9 will look like the result of a "relationship" between m7 and m8!!!

  • AnonD-213221

Like always HTC it's the king of bezel...pfff :(

  • Anonymous

Read the content properly. They never said that the phone inside is an actual M9. All they said is that the cases do suggest that there won't be any Duo camera. Plus if you look properly, all the cases have a square cutout for the camera suggesting that the phone will feature a squared camera.

  • AnonD-175627

Nope. Fake. I refuse to believe that HTC is going with that ugly black chin design again. I really hope that the nexus9-like renders are true.

  • wiked

After they refused to fix my 816 when it broke on the first day, I won't be buying anymore HTCs. I am finished with them. My 10 Yeats with HTC was a waste of time

  • zeus4466

Fake pictures, inconsistency in the back and front design between all pictures. Non sense and based on previous leaks not HTC designs

  • AnonD-112580

this is what i want, well done a 1080p panel
it will score highly for sure

  • AnonD-298218

How does this 'confirm' anything when the camera looks different in several of the shots? I'm seeing both round and square.

Seems these cases are merely going by the few renders we've seen floating around. Very misleading title.

  • luka

let's make a nice phone and then put it in a protective sleeve

  • Anonymous

covers are so nope, UGLY AS HELL ew

  • Anonymous

AnonD-77464, 16 Feb 2015Wow such a beautiful phone, I love that design. Let's put it in ... moreIf it should stay in that beautiful design, you should get one. If the housing is slippery as the M8, it won't be beautiful for a long time...

  • AnonD-108806

There's a lot of M8 pictures. I wouldn't say that they are reliable..

  • AnonD-77464

Wow such a beautiful phone, I love that design. Let's put it in a case.

  • AnonD-159064

My next Phone... hope that the rumors are good..

Finally that useless thingy is gone for good.

  • Anon top ri

I'm Curious to what the hole on the top right is for ? Duo cam? Mic?