Micromax announces Lollipop update for its Canvas phones

18 February, 2015
The Micromax Canvas Xpress A99 will be the first Micromax phone to get the Lollipop update.

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  • Gurpreet singh

Please give the update of micromax canvas nitro A311.

  • Devang

Plzzz give update for Micromax a102

  • diwaniharish29@gmail

My Canvas nitro a311 Lolipop update...plz plz .......sir.....

  • Anonymous

Sir my phone update please cenvas 4 210

  • Rana g

Akash tambade, 06 Jun 2016Plz sir my mobile micromax a096 fire 3 update in lollipop Hey go to google and type ""Firmware A096 micromax"" and click on firmwarefile.com named link there will two rom download 2nd and enjoy use sp flash tool to upgrade and please make sure you click download only button to flash and create backup **enjoy also need vcom driver its all there at firmwarefile .com

  • Anonymous

Plzzzz update canvas gold a300 to lolipop

  • Anonymous

Plzzzz update canvas gold a300 to lolipop

  • jeevan dayma

Plice Plice Plice Plice give for update lolipop5.0 Micromax canvas fire 3 A096

  • Rituranjan kumar

Doodle 3 KitKat var.......

  • Kaka

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2016Please gave new updates for my a311 nitro...My mobile maicromax a311 not updates

  • Anonymous

Please gave new updates for my a311 nitro...

  • AnonD-548906

I have no updates for my canvas gold

  • ankit

Micromax a121 update plese

  • athul

Plz update MMX nitro a311

  • Ajay vishwakarma

Mithlesh, 11 Jun 2016Lolipop 5.0 upgrade me MMX a311I am like lollipop version

  • Mithlesh

Lolipop 5.0 upgrade me MMX a311

  • PC

Plz send an upgrade for Micromax Canvas4 A210 to lollipop
Thanks in advanced

  • Vikas

Pls give update for a311 nitro

  • selvam

Akash singh, 30 May 2016Please micromax canvasE311 lollipop updateLolipop update please

  • sunny

soni, 08 Jun 2016Micromax canvas juice a77 update for lollipopok report