Samsung Galaxy S6 battery seen in the flesh

19 February, 2015
Live images from a manufacturing facility confirm the 2600mAh battery capacity.

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  • AnonD-43988

The talk about better hardware and Lollipop is all fine, but if the screen of S6 is of QHD variety as rumored, then battery life is surely gonna suffer.

  • Anonymous

Lolipop 5.0 does No wonders for the battery so please dont be mistaken there

  • Anonymous

Removable battery is a must. I can't believe I will have to look elsewhere to find a removable battery. What is Samsung thinking.

  • vucko

AnonD-355175, 19 Feb 2015I don't care about the batter size because I'm sure that the bat... moreI agree the best thing to do is maximise screen to body ratio!!! Thats the real future for the mobiles (like LG does) :(

  • Arcane

Fabz , 19 Feb 2015Samsung s6 is rubbish because the battery is crap I am a big Sam... moreS5 was crap because of what? Because of the battery? Dude, it's not only the mAh what counts. LG G Flex 2 has 3.000 mAh battery but a battery life endurance of 69h which is 10h less than iP6+ with 2915 mAh. I bet S6 will have at least 84h with it's 14nm CPU and amoled display

  • Noel

In spite of the 14nm Exynos chip and software optimization, it would've been awesome to cross the 3000+mAh battery threshold mostly since it won't be removable. I have the same complain with the One M9...hopefully LG, Motorola, Huawei will deliver on huge capacity batteries(being removable is a plus) as a major sales distinguishing spec.

  • Johnny

People keep saying smaller battery will be fine because the SoC is more efficient, but a SoC doesn't consume much power in the first place!

The Display/LTE/GPS is what really guzzles power.

  • yamin

battery is not removable. :(

  • AnonD-355175

I don't care about the batter size because I'm sure that the battery life will be better than on the S5 due to the new components. Making the device super compact is the better choice.

  • Anonymous

so, the battery is removable? no?

  • Anonymous

just keep it removable.... i ll be okay!

  • jus wondering

How come I've never heard anyone complaining that their s5 was too thick. I understand htc m9 new camera since people actually asked for it, but a thin phone with 2600mh, who dreams of this??

  • AnonD-298939

Wow am I really the first one to notice right off the bat those are not end user removable cells? The cells in the picture would get soldered and glued into place. If you want a removable battery they would still need a couple more steps and get packaged into a thin hard shell with caps.

  • Curious Canadian

Same battery capacity as the 2-year-old Galaxy S4. I sure hope Samsung don't get wrong this time.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-329938, 19 Feb 2015ye 14nm is good but what if 14nm + 3k mah or 3.5k mah? wouldnt b... moreRight? Great. It can last longer on smaller. So show us what it can do on a larger one. At least 3000MAH. Especially if you going non removable like no real user wants you too. And since trying to conserve space and making non removable Lithium Polymer holds higher capacities in smaller and more malleable packages.
Unless it offers 95hour or better endurance it's not even slightly forgivable.

  • AnonD-362903

We will miss sony(cutting corners), I guess with this flag of flagships

  • AnonD-136537

It is an inbuilt battery.. so I think the battery will not be changeable.

  • Anonymous

A non removable battery? Well that's what happens when exeryone whines and complains about useless crap. Thanks to all the haters and trolls bashing online we have a weird thin phone with non removable battery. Maybe Samsung is trying to teach a lesson?

It will have more efficient SoC, memory, display, UI, combined radio chip, maybe other things as well. So it's easily feasible.

And as stated already the S6 boasts more effcient tech across the board so the smaller battery should still provide an 885-90hour endurance rating compared the S5's updated 83hour on GSMArena. So it's impressive indeed if they can get better results out of a smaller battery, but still should use a bigger one.
Now I guess if they can get 92-100hour endurance out of that then it's forgivable. Even it being non removable is slightly...but not fully...forgivable then. But I doubt it.

  • Anonymous

Ribbon cable suggests non removable battery. That's it, I'm no longer interested in Samsung products

  • Bozzor

Agree: it's never really a good thing when battery capacity goes south, but when you offset that against more efficient chipsets for number crunching, better modems, superior software and Samsung's unquestioned prowess with AMOLED screens even with QHD, then I doubt very much we're going to go backwards.