Motorola Moto Maxx coming to India, exclusively on Flipkart

19 February, 2015
Flipkart has just released a teaser for what is most likely the Motorola Moto Maxx coming soon.

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  • Ikbal

Moto maxx

  • Raaz

What about price

  • govind

if it is avail for mid range people automatically they will buy
i like this mob and also they has to target mid range people to get profits
may it avail at 18000 to 20000 the people rush to buy

  • Vishu

In US, it is a CDMA variant available with Verizon...Its definately gonna be 40k though..If it is in 20s I am buying it

  • ds

Did any one knew SAR Value of this one ? Googled n found moto's are highly radiated than any other brand.... please reply if any one knows n serious about health ...

  • kalyan

Anniyan, 20 Feb 2015But it doesn't run in india to that price around 40k , giving su... moremoto x is not flop,its sale near about 1million and 2nd gen also via flipkart ready to 3.5million milestone by the end of march

  • AnonD-19741

ram , 20 Feb 2015what about price 700E give or take

  • k.yuvaraj

Motorala E( RS 8000)large screen only

  • lai

PRAKASH, 20 Feb 2015NO NO Ist NOT GOOD thiis diplay prblums really in this cell phone problem on display parkash

  • ram

what about price

hope it will come also here in the philippines.


NO NO Ist NOT GOOD thiis diplay prblums

  • vk

AnonD-298939, 20 Feb 2015But it doesn't have their precious FM radio.yeah !!!

  • rahul kumar

i guess itme pric Rs.18999 in 32gb

  • Anniyan

But it doesn't run in india to that price around 40k , giving such price buying mobile not worth , while goes it value keeps on decreasing , they should traget in mid range....Moto X is flop it is not running as this phone wil be also flop... definately

  • AJ

My best guess :

This phone will be launching at 38000 to 40000 for 32gb
and 43000 to 45000 for 64 gb.

It will be a spectacular failure because everybody will compare it to the mi4 and one plus and find no reason to pay double the money.

Why do I think so? The moto X 32 gb price is 33000!!!

  • rakesh

As this phone is much more powerful than 2nd gen MOTO X(33,000Rs), I guess this phone will be around 45000 Rs

  • Anonymous

Expect a price tag in the range of RS 40000.

  • Ravi

Luv, 20 Feb 2015Launch this phone at 22000 and i bet my life it will overtake th... moreit wont be

I hope Motorola gets the pricing correct with the Moto Maxx, unlike the Moto x(2nd Gen for the Maxx to be a great success! :)