Samsung Galaxy S6 now said to sport 16MP camera

20 February, 2015
A new rumor aims to clear the air regarding the specific sensor that Samsung will use.

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  • aaa

The true advancement will be if some can make a phone last a week on heavy usage. All the advancements shown on new phones are just good on paper .Not much in real life.

  • Jose

If it is the same camera from the Note 4, them we are in trouble.



  • Steve Austin

AnonD-96426, 20 Feb 2015If that is the case I'd rather have a Note 4, cheaper, better fu... moreI agree, if it's the same sensor, takes away a huge benefit to getting the S6 over Note 4. The Antutu leak a week or so back was the Edge variant that had the 20mp camera, so I'm hoping the Edge will have the new sensor. And for those that are goign to say MP dont matter. It's not just MP, the sensor size would have been larger as well for better low light.

  • AnonD-96426

If that is the case I'd rather have a Note 4, cheaper, better functionality with the S pen and a much larger battery.

  • AnonD-282298

This time its not specs,not benchmarks,not UI,not Software.
If awesome mobile,
if failure mobile design Samsung Doomed.

  • Anonymous

Same shame camera than note 4...complete disaster