HTC One (M9) seemingly shown in press renders

24 February, 2015
A couple of images which look like official promotional material have surfaced today.

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  • AnonD-112678

Wait for the HTC Butterfly 3 in the summer/fall

  • AnonD-354047

Guys this are renders lets wait for official release,ok?

  • jm

i hope its not this cz if this is the case they did not listen to customers. For gods sake what is this black bar for? Somebody explain to me...still have some hope its not yhe final product though

  • Anonymous

I don't believe those, the front is exactly the same as the M8

  • AnonD-367455

That extra FPS..sticking with my m7!

  • berad

Black bar is too bad

  • tom

So we have no choice but to wain because these renders are different from what you posted a few hours ago :)

  • Graz

Oh, I hate that black bar :(

  • AnonD-120334

I don't want to see that htc logo in the front.

  • Kev

Since this is upleaks we are talking about, we can assume these renders are not fakes.
Since the other render with the newer design seems so plausible, it makes me question whether or not this is for the HTC one M8i, as it would seem to make more sense, due to the keeping of the M8 in the name.

  • tani

I really, really hope this is fake: I liked Spigen casemaker renders much more...dissapointed from HTC, in their most famous part - design!

  • AnonD-200152


  • JeaN

Way to go HTC, don't change a thing and lose the few rare customers you still have...

  • AnonD-130551

Who would've guessed that Samsung might release a better looking phone than HTC this year? Certainly not me, but it looks possible.

  • vhh

Same old ugly black bar and htc sign.. Ugly ugly.. I like htc phone but i hate the ugly phone so i have to get s6..

  • Pantan

Same old crappy style of 2013

  • bkmz

Why do you post these fakes again, when there were real images posted just a few hours earlier?

  • no noe

At least you can unlock the bootloaders on HTC phones. I'm done with samsung on ATT. Their stuff is going to get harder to run custom roms with all their integrated security pay credit card crap.

  • AnonD-262965

I think HTC should change their design, I mean this is just HTC One M8 with rectangle camera on the back. I like the first rumored images - the centered front camera, small grills and the whole front covered in glass.

  • AnonD-367440

The theory now is that the M9 is an updated M8 but not the new flagship.. No one get to sad.. Ultra is coming. :)