Asus Zenfone 2 aces Antutu, scores above the 50K mark

27 February, 2015
The Intel Atom Z3580 proves a powerful performer, pulls the Zenfone 2 to a chart-leading position.

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Gibby, 27 Feb 2015Zenfone2 is a nice looking device - & pretty compact with it... moreProblem is, the Zenfone 2 won't be priced from 200 USD. It will be actually 300 USD for the 2GB RAM/16GB version with the lesser Intel Z5360 processor. The Z5380 version with 4GB RAM would cost above 400 USD according to Phone Arena.
To sum this up... Impressive scores but it won't be the bargain price many people were hoping for

  • AnonD-368503

seems familiar with its former, zenfone 6

  • AnonD-248589

Antutu scores take screen resolution into account so that is a non-factor.

  • Anonymous

Awesome.......... ;)

  • Gibby

Zenfone2 is a nice looking device - & pretty compact with it's 5.5"screen.
Makes me wonder - do I really need to splash out on a more expensive device with QHD screen? I've lived with my Note2 for over 2 years now and it's still going strong.If this thing had a removable battery I'd consider getting one. $200 is a great deal.
Anyone know what availability will be like in the western world??

  • Anonymous

Force Majeure, 27 Feb 2015How does it fair in battery test? Does it last as long as Snapdr... more45k is a shame ? How much your phone scores in antutu?

  • AnonD-233508

And will be priced at $300-400.

  • Hassan

The Note 4 has Two times as many pixels, not four,because QHD is 4 times the resolution of HD (720p) and two times for Full HD (1080p)

  • AnonD-368491

I think I read somewhere that Antutu does the benchmarking strictly in 720p, to assure comparability, so the achieved score is pretty awesome anyways.

  • AnonD-329731

Wait. So there's a zenfone 2 variant with 5inch display, 720p, atom z3580 2.33ghz and 2 gb ram? If this go for around 200$ it'll be my dream phone.

  • king warrior

Mind blowing score.
it will great performance.

  • AnonD-357689

Ayush01, 27 Feb 2015So, Exynos 7420 > Mediatek MT6795 > Intel Atom Z3580 >... moreYes pretty much! Awesome results for a $200 smartphone.

  • JD

Now when these scores reach desktop class innards of some laptops running Windows 8 let someone give me 1 example of desktop class app for Android???? otherwise, all this smartphone benchmark race is pure stupidity!!!!!!

Exynos 7420 > Mediatek MT6795 > Intel Atom Z3580 > Snapdragon 810

Perhaps thermal throttling killed SD810

  • Force Majeure

How does it fair in battery test? Does it last as long as Snapdragons and Exynoses?

  • Anonymous

makuy, 27 Feb 2015NiceToo low for a new high end chip in a 1080x1920 panel this score around 40-45k is a shame at this time
intel arrive late

  • makuy