HTC MWC 2015 livestream is set to start soon, watch it here

01 March, 2015
HTC will unveil the new One (M9) flagship, perhaps the One (M9) Plus, too. Perhaps a wearable as well.

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  • AnonD-235514

No, they are still need to remove that black bar of death.

  • NeMo

Expected One Plus as well but :(

  • Srb

Its sad but true i must say, but apple still the only brand that makes every product and accessory for mainstream

  • Srb

Htc band and Htc vive...useless accessories , these will not be mainstream at all.

  • Anonymous

Interesting new functions and features but thickness, bezels, size and weight are its weaknesses this year.

  • Anonymous

it's amazing wow

  • funkyboj

bah, really disappointed..was expecting at least they remove that htc band logo, waste of space..and with on-screen buttons, that 5 inch becomes 4.7 inch :p

  • AnonD-44164

people Always find things to complain about. Now its about how its look the same and before it was the camera. But i admit would have liked a different look but with those speakers and camera ticking inside ill buy it.

  • thenerd

HTC believes that "If it ain't broke, then don't fix it"

  • parion

i am so disappointed! at least i won't have to upgrade my m8 any time sooner......

  • Srb

At least now you have all in one smartphone. htc m8+camera

  • AnonD-89674

Is.... Is this innovation??? Loooooooooooool

  • mugurel

Yeap, same M8... Still hoping that after-sale services are improved, unlike in the recent history!

  • Bad_Blood

does anybody have a live stream link .. i need to watch it live from China (no youtube link)

  • Marc

It is good to have same design language on same product line. However, if the design is unable to let consumer to distinguish or feel the differences from the outlook then it might be a disaster.

  • No one

Who cares about a dual tone metal finish when people will be co ering them with cases. FAIL. It should have been the more sleek design that was leaked.

  • RedZobe

And they say Samsung never changes its designs...

  • nah

it some renders looked better than the M9... so disappointed...

  • AnonD-274519

So it really looks like the M8...? No thanks.

  • Srb

haha the same presentation like iphone 5c