Samsung unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge at MWC 2015

01 March, 2015
The first Samsung unpacked event for 2015 brought us a duo of flagships - Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

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  • Anonymous

I will wait for the "Active" version to be released before I upgrade so I don't have to be so careful with the phone on fishing trips.

  • AnonD-371207

What are you talking about the notorious Apple Fanboys? Now there is a rabid group.

  • Smile

OMG, 03 Mar 2015Wrong! Not everyone uses a case. Actually, I hate cases bec... moreI have Xperia Z1, got it in november 2013, has survived throws by my 18 months old Son, hew as standing on the bed while throwing it, and I have never put a case on phone, still works fine, no issues at all

  • Shen

No matter how hard you argue FANBOYS. Still, you haven't got it all right. Jeez, .... GOD help them, it's not their fault -_-"

  • OMG

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2015Thad depends entirely of the user. I have a Z1 and has sur... moreWrong! Not everyone uses a case. Actually, I hate cases because it ruins the design of the phone. Those designers did not design this phone with cases in mind, so why ruin it...

  • Someone

So basically it is an Iphone with more memory, cheaper, faster, better camera and better screen. Plus you can connect it to every device, which is not possible with Apple (for free).
Another thing is that all the cables and chargers of Apple are 3 times the price of anything related to micro USB.

Ehm. What to get.

  • J platz

Joe Average, 02 Mar 2015Congratulations, Samsung, you made an older model iPhone wi... moreJust like the iPhone note..I mean plus haha. But no seriously, people consistently say who copied who every single year yet phones are still square(-ish) & do similar things as the other. The only difference is it's up to the customer to figure out which they prefer, that's all that truly matters. At the end of the day companies (apple, samsung, htc, etc) don't care of our spoken opinions because as long as we buy the product, we can't hate the other company all we want, all of them are still getting rich!

  • AnonD-238457

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2015Let's summarize. S6 advantages: -CPU S6 disadvantages: -... moreTroll alert ....!!!

  • AnonD-238457

Joe Average, 02 Mar 2015Congratulations, Samsung, you made an older model iPhone wi... moreYou can say all that. But what had to be done , has been done. That's the way all manufacturers going. Removable battery is not big deal. So as the sd card which slows the phone. Arguably samsung actually beat iphone with their own game. Because 4/4s series was the most popular due to metal/glass combination. They used this and designed an even better phone. Even the critics saying the new s6 is an amazing phone that surpasses the iPhone in every aspect. Until you see and play with this thing please don't insult it. I know this phone is one of a kind in the market now. I say " Well done Samsung!"

An iPhone user

  • AnonD-311225

i'll just wait for note 5, it's just only few months before the note 5 arrives, therefore i will have more savings on that day...

  • AnonD-7433

One great (though once was not so great) thing about Samsung is, they can always release a different (maybe even two, or three, or four) version of their flagship. All (might) depend on how much the people show that they want that version. :) So maybe there will be a version of the S6 with a card slot, with removable battery, and of course, water proofing. Who knows, right? One can hope. Though I'm more of a Note guy. ;)

  • Anonymous

No SD card slot and another phablet release. Why can't they make phones smaller than 5inch?

Another fail by Samsung. No Sale!

  • AnonD-293430

its an amazing device, the only "not great" thing is the overall look, its not ugly, but not that amazing, and i hope they really mean it when they say no lag....might buy this one, not sure, the htc M9 is great too, but it doesnt have anything new, its just a camera and thats it....we will have to wait and see what reviewers say...

  • bbula

Since it is s6 i dont really care about what they have done to it. But if samsung decides to go that way with note 5, me, and im sure many others, will be looking to switch to other phones. I can live without stylus, but cant without removable battery and miscro sd slot.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-369982, 02 Mar 2015I'll be upgrading soon an I will be going from HTC one m7 t... moreRight, this is "childish", but taking smartphones for jewels and caring mostly about their "premium" design is very mature. And not having self-respect, paying companies extra money just because they have decided to limit your options is not childish too...

  • AnonD-369982

I'll be upgrading soon an I will be going from HTC one m7 to Samsung. I have to admit not having a sd card slot is a little disappointing but it's not the end of the world is it. And since having the m7 I cannot understand why your all moaning about not being able to remove battery, it's just childish!!

  • AnonD-328264

I hope they don't go the Non removable battery way with Note 5. I prefer Expandable memory. Those who buy cheap SDs is their problem

  • AnonD-336053

Wooww!! Almost inspiring,S6 and SEdge huh!

Sent from my iPhone 6 Gold.

  • Anonymous

Where did you get the information that the phone has FM radio? It is nowhere to be found in the linked source and I have not seen this information posted anywhere else.

  • Anonymous

Why did Samsung make the back of this a fingerprint magnet? What are they trying to accomplish?

And why did they skimp out on removable battery and card slot? Is this a downgrade?