Microsoft unveils 5-inch Lumia 640 and 5.7-inch Lumia 640 XL

02 March, 2015
Both will launch with WP8.1 but will be updated to W10. The Lumia 640 XL packs a 13MP Zeiss camera.

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  • yaser

is lumia 640xl supports clash of clans game

  • barada

If the ram and internal memory will be more (2GB and 16GB respectively) . it would be a better smart phone by Microsoft.

  • pip1966

kingofram, 17 Apr 2015please conform Overheat problem is there or not in Lumia 64... moreyes the phone overheats had to return one already and now replacement is doing the same shame because i love the windows phone upgraded from nokia 620 it was an epic phone but cant use it as new sim is to big for old phone

  • Anonymous

Rillige tha phone piese speed

  • AnonD-41013

where can l get lumia 640 xl handset?

  • AnonD-396086

when can i get windows 10 on 640xl?

  • Pons

I got the phone when it was on offer price of 9999.. Here are my takes on the product.

1. Good Build Quality
2. Fast
3. Good battery backup. Lasts more than a day
4. Good sound quality
5. Remaining cool under normal operations.
6. Good display

1. Average camera quality (can take good pic under normal light. But, bad under a bit dark condition)
2. Becomes a bit warm while playing games more than 15 mins (I think this is the case with other phones in this range also)

Verdict: Go for it if you have 10k budget and not so crazy about taking high quality photos. You can pay 10k for the build quality alone unlike other Chinese phones...

  • jay


  • AnonD-158851

bhought this phone 2 days ago here my experience with it
1. battery is just awesome bt its due to its bigger size it takes a lot of time to be fully charged
2.screen is awesome dont worry about ppi its great for the price u paid
3.clearly visible in direct sunlight
4.great build quality
5.both cameras are great
6 and most importent there is no heating problem in it
only pros is microsoft shoud provide a high mah charger so that it will charged quickly

  • kingofram

please conform Overheat problem is there or not in Lumia 640 x..... urgent please update...

  • K K

Microsoft Office Apps pre-installed in this device are free for life-time ??????????????

  • Anonymous

Shawon, 05 Mar 2015hope touch & overheating problem solved in these modelgot touch problem,overheating on which lumia phones...?

  • Anonymous

c_pap, 06 Mar 2015there is only one fantastic android application that cannot... moreapp called here drive +
voice control and visual maps

  • suri

I want to know the price of the device... dont buy when the device is released .. because i bought 535 and i had lot of issues wt the wait for one month after the release of the device the only go for it. ......

  • rabih

touch issue in lumia 535 is fixed and working fine. Lumia 640 will have fixed touch issue.

  • Gaz

Umar, 09 Mar 2015Is this phone not going to have touch issue ?? as that is w... moreThe Lumia 535 touch issue has been fixed with the latest update now works fine on mine

  • Umar

Is this phone not going to have touch issue ?? as that is with lumia 535 ??

  • amar

Ooooo I am waiting for this new phone ... I this will be a good phone...

  • Gina

Aslam Qureshi, 07 Mar 2015I have Lumia 820. Camera and performance is excellent. Bate... moreNokia Lumnia 640 XL -

  • Aslam Qureshi

I have Lumia 820. Camera and performance is excellent. Batery not so good. I will definitely buy Lumia 640xl lte. I need good camera, battery and performance with budget price.
Good work M.S.? Time will prove. Camera is very important for me. Give us OTG capibility in this set please.