HTC One M9 goes on pre-order in Germany with HTC Advantage

03 March, 2015
You can pre-order the Gold on Gold version now, while the other versions will be available from March 31.

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  • Anonymous

[REDACTED], 03 Mar 201532 gb with no expansion slot, unnecessary high res screen which ... moreThere is no sd card because it will hold back performance of s6. and you cannot say about battery backup unless it is benchmark. moto droid with 3900 mah battery is still behind note 4 in most cases. s5 with 1080p display has same backup as 2k version of device.. note 4 has 2k display and bettes specs but still perform better with better backup then note 3..
s6 has many power optimisation..
2k display was necessary in s6 due to hear vr..

  • AnonD-360112

why HTC always launch new product same time with Samsung. This years Samsung launch S6 and S6 edge very impressive ,I think HTC very difficultly to archive target. frankly speaking that, HTC M9 very nice but design same HTC one...

  • AnonD-349175

First, I never understood why HTC came up with M9. The M9 should have been M8's extension. Now, I am unable to understand the pricing philosophy. Just because of a new camera (which they got in M8 Eye as well), Dolby and few software tweaks, they are charging so high ?
Gosh, looks like HTC will NOT adapt to change in time.

  • AnonD-185330

Li Chang, 03 Mar 2015You have these massive bezels and on the bottom you have a massi... moreStop talking rubbish; the phone is beautiful.

  • AnonD-295284

Will there be a Google Play edition or is it, like, totally kaput?

  • Anonymous

699 in finland preorder delivery 1st week april

  • Li Chang

You have these massive bezels and on the bottom you have a massive bezel, then a massive black bar then a wasteful on screen navigation bar. The actual screen real estate on the bottom does not start until halfway up the phone. How stupid !!

  • john

Tiny 5" screen :(.. Get with the times HTC 5.2" minimum! I can't buy I must buy LG G4 now instead

  • Christian

I remember when original One came out,and bring so much more to the table like:1080p display,OIS camera,metal unibody,SD 600 (best chipset back than),and superior audio quality.
And with all that stuff it cost around 550e to begin with!?!
Now two years later and HTC is stalling like never before.They practically rehash the M8 with new chipset and camera module.... and voila brand new phone?!? 750 euros on top of that :/
I guess will have to keep my trusted old M7 for a while.HTC lost one costumer more.

  • AnonD-370651

Malaysian price?? 😝😝

  • Paddyman

SERIOUSLY!!! I was convinced HTC were going to undercut Samsung and Apple with the M9, but if the pre order price in Germany is genuine then they've just shot themselves in the foot. The M9 is not a big enough upgrade from last years phone. It's a slightly refined M8. I think I'm gonna wait and see what Lg has to offer before I choose my next phone.

  • Anonymous

Better to invest in rather than shamshung.

  • AnonD-174449

Welcome to HTC guys !

  • theDictator_1

AnonD-232131, 03 Mar 2015Yeah, lots of new stuff like an SD card slot or waterproof const... moreNo,Not these features but a fingerprint reader,a QHD superamoled display,heart rate sensor(gimmicy but still it's there),thinner profile(9.3mm vs 6.9mm)

So you see,s6 has more on the table compared to m9.


Jackace, 03 Mar 2015So are all the Samsung S6 haters going to retract their statemen... more32 gb with no expansion slot, unnecessary high res screen which will drain the battery which is smaller than the HTC M9s

  • srkhn

All the same sh.t,

Gorilla blabla
Snapdragon 810
No water resis.
~3000mah Battery

Those phones you dream of will be getting cheaper after a year.

  • Anonymous

Please someone give me one reason why I should get this phone, if I get the same (M8) for hundreds of bucks less? The only thing which has changed, is the camera.
I am sure, you won't have the same opinion like me, but Samsung at least tried to change something, mainly to get away from their plasticy phones (S5)reputition, unfortunately they had to sacrifice the sd slot, removable battery, water resistance etc. (which is the reason why I am not going to buy it?, but still, they made two thin, good-looking phones.

But this M9 is just a bad joke. HTC will realize this shortly.

  • ravi

Htc phone should have artificial intelligency in that we can talk to it when we r depressed and alone.perhaps in future.

  • Anonymous

to expensive for the minimum upgrades it offers ...they even got rid of the barometer sensor

  • sa77

too expencive :(