Sony Xperia M4 Aqua is up for pre-order in Germany for €279

03 March, 2015
The waterproof version of the recently unveiled Xperia M4 was just announced yesterday at MWC.

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  • niket

pl xperia m4 aqua india avilbule

  • gendlal diwan

very nice phone coming for india

  • Jitu Xf

great phone..... please release in Bangladesh as soon as possible

  • Biplab talukdar

Please very first release your phone in india.SONY your product is great.

  • raju

plz coming soon india

  • AnonD-374074

I want to buy mobile immediately from where can I buy it.. Plz tell me....

  • AnonD-304930

Sourish, 04 Mar 2015Not a good buy here in India.... Micromax provides the same... moreMicromax is deferent from sony huge deference. my favorite is walkman and the sound setting Microsmax dose not have that cool things. (-_-)

  • AnonD-304930

Dear GSMarena,

Hi dose Xperia M4 Aqua heat up? I will buy this phone if will stay cool will playing heave games and dose the screen go low brightness like the xperia Z3?(so your eyes will not burn at night reading)

thank you I will wait for your reply thx.

  • Anonymous

M4 Aqua need to Buy Now!

  • vishwas

ayat, 04 Mar 2015Bring it to IranHow much price

  • Anonymous

usa please asap!

  • puppy vai

Sourish, 04 Mar 2015Not a good buy here in India.... Micromax provides the same... moreplease don't compare sony phones to micromax

  • ryzan

Thanks sony make.belive to continues with xperia products still support

  • Anonymous


  • kumar

nice features and a nice phone.

  • dawood

good features and 2gb ram camera 5mp.13mp.

  • dawood

good features and 2gb ram

  • goutham

iam looking for buy 2 xperia m4aqua

  • AnonD-1034

shyam, 04 Mar 2015get the super amoled screen Oh,that oversaturated superamoled old tech?
That stresses the eyes u know?

Bravia engine,Triluminous Rules!
Sony d King !

  • ayat

Bring it to Iran