Here's what you can expect from the Apple Spring Forward event

07 March, 2015
The event will be help on Monday - March 9 at 10 a.m. PDT and will be centered around the Apple Watch.

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  • Anonymous

I feel iOS 8 on a 12 inch iPad would be a complete waste of space. I'm expecting if the 12 inch iPad rumors are true, that Apple would do some serious change up to iOS in general because right now I just dont see any point of blowing an iPad any bigger without offering features such as dual window multitasking.

  • AnonD-283265

We don't like to charge battery everyday.....waste time n boring

  • Operation Blitz

I fail to see how any of these watches be it for IOS or Android are of any relevance,Who wants another gadget to charge everyday. My watch never needs charging and always tells me the correct time!! Thanks Casio :-)

  • green cyborg

a slew of incrementally updated, overly hyped and overly extensive toys running a primitive, app drawer, prison OS..


  • AnonD-200220

All I know there isn't going to be anything shocking. Like the hololens or s6 edge just some good looking expensive Tech jewellery

  • Srb

On Monday the KEY COMPANY have its own event. So every other company will take notice

  • ajay

these all apple product costly only ntg else......

  • AnonD-313434

Where is the ipod touch 6 or 6 plus?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-85136, 07 Mar 2015Nothing good. Only stupid costly toys Don't worry. Nobody's asking you to buy one. Enjoy your technology.

  • Anonymous

It was cool if iPad Pro runs Mac OS like a tablet PC

  • AnonD-1825

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2015well apple is known for their bezels, and ipad pro isn'r changin... moreIt's not real product...

  • AnonD-85136

Nothing good. Only stupid costly toys

  • AnonD-322481

iWatch is already old product.! for me. we need something new!! like iGlass phone, revolution...

  • Anonymous

well apple is known for their bezels, and ipad pro isn'r changing that, ridiculous omg