12MP Samsung W880 storms South Korea with 3x optical zoom and 720p HD video

29 September, 2009
It's not every day we write about CDMA phones, but monsters like W880 are something we just can't miss. Samsung W880 is the world's first 12 megapixel cameraphone with 3x optical zoom, xenon flash and HD video recording...

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  • Anonymous

I dont Understand why they compare canon digicams to samsung digicams when samsung digicams are way way way way way behind canon..Canon, Sony, Nikon and a lot lot lot lot lot more brands better than samsung digicams.

  • Anonymous

Nokia= Known for N-Series, E-Series and Xpress Music Series
Sony Ericcson= Known for Walkman Series And Cybershot Series
LG= Known for S-Class UI and cheap touch screen phones
Apple= Known for Multimedia Phone

Samsung= Known for C(copy) series and Marketing gimmick Series, NOT reliable specs Series..What more, They are also good in manipulating their sales and financial report..

  • Anonymous

Kal, 30 Sep 2009Hello. Which part are you missing? Canon has the largest market ... moreI am sorry to inform you that the camera in your mobile phone is indeed a digital camera,

  • Anonymous

when will samsung release Samsung n95, Samsung 5800 xpressmusic, Samsung Iphone, etc. always naming phones when there is already a phone with the same name

  • brynn

i think the test video using this fone is shoddy and stuttery,,video on a fone is miles off,, what my cannon cameras quality is like in video mode at vga 30 fps is exceptional compared to this,,,...

I think its using the interpolated feature when the framerate is more like 10 fps but boosted..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2009My point is, Dee, is that having a 5MP camera phone is pretty mu... moreno matter what you say, Megapixel plays a role, a 12 megapixel shot cropped to 5 megapixel resolution will look much better than an actual native 5 megapixel shot


its just wooow!!!

  • Anonymous

Dee, 30 Sep 2009People who diss high end cameraphones coz theyre not as good as ... moreMy point is, Dee, is that having a 5MP camera phone is pretty much the same as having a 12MP camera phone. A 5MP camera phone can do 720p videos if they have similar software and hardware.

The 12MP is just a gimmick. Hell, I would bet most people can't even tell the difference if there's a 5MP sensor in there and the software just interpolates the images to 12MP size...

Seriously, compare these images with older phones that are 5MP... I don't see much of a difference...

Lots of people are still misinformed about mega pixels for cameras. I'm just ranting that companies are using it as a selling tool, charging people hundreds more just because there are more mega pixels while quality of the images stay pretty much the same.

I wouldn't be surprise in a few months, they'll come out with a 15MP camera phone taking pretty much the same quality photos but charge people $500+ for it.

  • Kal

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2009Everyone is saying Canon is the No. 1 in compact camera. No.1 in... moreHello. Which part are you missing? Canon has the largest market share in compact camera (now don't mess it up with mobile camera). That way they are number one and that's a fact. There is a difference between digicam and mobile camera. Google it for your knowledge please.

  • sexualbusy

i don't wanna make a poster.. so i think 5MP is enough for me...
go motoZINE... :P

  • Anonymous

Everyone is saying Canon is the No. 1 in compact camera. No.1 in what exactly? That's a bit like a drunkard saying he is No.1 among humans. But In what? Here's a hard cold fact. Nokia is No.1 in production of digital camera. It produces more digital camera than any other company including Canon. Nokia is also the largest producer of MP3 player. Argue as much as you like but a fact is a fact.

  • Jonny

That video is sooooo clear it's sick.

  • Anonymous

Don't rush to buy this phone just yet, at this rate you'll see 24MP 10x zoom in 8 months and everyone will be laughing at your 12MP phone. Though their's will not be having any superior imaging quality. Just like this is not having any superior quality than a good 7.1MP camera.

  • Dee

People who diss high end cameraphones coz theyre not as good as their dslr cameras need their heads examined. Most people out there wouldnt carry their bulky dslr cameras with them. Im just a normal guy who want to take good pics on the move without having to carry a lot of gear around with me! Maybe they will never be as good as their dslr cameras but at least theyre closing the gap between the two. I can't wait until this cameraphone is released=)

Also, someone mentioned Samsung copy everyone? If thats the case its def a good thing, taking the best from every phone and trying different ways to combine their best points to create the best phone. Lets face it, Samsung are innovative and not scared to try new things. HD recording, sweet! Who else has a good HD video recorder out there on their phone?

I have heard people say Samsung are flooding the market with phones as well, I agree with this to extent as well. Based on my last point they keep trying new combinations in mobile phones and are giving consumers plenty of choices with what they have came up with. Id say theres a Samsung phone out there that would suit everyone. Well apart from diehard fanboys of other makes!

I am not a fanboy of any make, I just each phone on its own merits and have owed many different makes of phone over the years.

If the future is that your mobile phone is your ultimate all in one gadget I for one will be more than happy. I dont wanna carry around a seperate camera, phone and mp3 player! Id have no pockets left for my money and smokes lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2009it looks like a digital camera but of course it is more useful b... moreYou are correct. Let Samsung concentrate on phones. They should not deceive anyone. If you want a digital Camera for your photos, you go and get it. How do you carry this in your pocket?

  • Anonymous

from the picture samples, it just goes to show no matter ho many mega pixels you can cram into that tiny sensor, it doesn't improve image quality.

Only a combination of bigger sensor + bigger and better lens will work.

  • Anonymous

it looks like a digital camera but of course it is more useful because its a phone. .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2009Nokia= N-Series, E-Series and Xpress Music Series Sony Ericcson... moreI think you are mismatching phone names with computers?
Aple is a PC computer and is capable of multimedia and multitask, but iphone from aple, is not that complete aple system, but just a typical phone with aple brushing UI and is not "multimedia monster" because it's not capable of playing lot of media stuff, and is not multitasking, by the way is not multitouch at all, it's because you cant use pencil to write or paint in it's screen, neither you can write with glows in stormy winter or wet whether..., so aple fans, don't try to take all credits for flimsy screen..lol..., ups, by the way, the Europeans are talking to ban iphone from Europe, because of it's abusing users and the explosions is going on in hands of costumers..."iphone the terrorist"!

  • Anonymous

anonymous, 30 Sep 2009This phone has excellent HD video recording quality, but it lack... moreIt's because would be the end of business and human hopes if they do so, so stick to that of wot you can afford for the price you would pay for, and if you have a plane for wot you can use it for.

  • asukirik

hi men... can anybody tell me how about ZN5 if compared with this monster? especially in photo result quality... not in megapixel.... thanks...