Samsung Galaxy J1 now available in Europe, starts at 120

09 March, 2015
The budget Samsung Galaxy J1 hit the shelves in the Netherlands and Germany, it can be yours for 120.

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  • Mati

They wont update s3 to kitkat, because "ram is too low" boom - galaxy j1, 512mb ram and kitkat, nice move samsung.. 4gb storage, haha. Lumia 630 is way better than this crap.

  • Jimmy

Liquid Z410 costs 129 euro. Quadcore 1.5ghz with 64-bit technology. Antutu score 30000. Also bigger 4.5 inch screen and 1GB RAM. This Samsung only dual core, 4.3 inch and 512MB RAM. Same price. Come on Samsung, don't fool the consumers.

  • AnonD-373145

What a piece of crap!! This is how Samsung plans to crack lower end of the market?

512 MB RAM? This phone stinks!!!

  • noob

Go for Xperia E4 100 euro and far more superior specs. 4G,5" and many good qualities

  • AnonD-174449

THL 4000 on Amazon with 1gb of ram and a 4000mah battery £69.99p ! And samsung asking that much for a 2010 phone with half a gig of ram ?

  • AnonD-241589

120 Euro ?

Samsung you really hope , you will sell that handset?

Better to buy Moto E(2015) with 3G or add few euros for Xperia E4G.

  • G. John

Specs from a 2010 smartphone. Bet a lot of noobs will buy this craphone just because its Samsung

Why do someone consider a 512MB RAM, TFT Display phone in this era?
That too at 120? Totally bullshit!

  • AnonD-174449

Its 2015 samsung ! Whats one suppose to do with half gig of ram ?

  • Anonymous

another samesung -_-

  • fab

samsung doesn't fail because of the S5, S6 etc, but because it produces this incredibly useless phones. it's because people buy these here and see how really bad they are. never seen phones that are so slow and have no features. then people don't want to buy samsung anymore... how can we be surprised if they lose? there are so many much better phones out there for even less than what samsung is asking

  • Goofie1983

I'd buy a dirt cheap Lumia 530 instead you get a whole lot more value with the cheap windows hones.